Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Asbestos problems continue at Bell Park Gardens

From the Queens Tribune:

Huddled in the crawl space under one of Bell Park Garden’s units, Fabio Morales only took a few seconds to find the debris he was looking for. He photographed the crumbling, ashy gray material, bagged it and held it up before a Queens Tribune reporter.

“I’m positive this is asbestos,” Morales said. “If you test it, you’ll see.”

He turned the reporter’s attention to two heating pipes running the length of the ceiling, one with new white insulation, the other in crumbling disarray.

“They were supposed to put the new insulation on both pipes, but as you can see…” he said. “This is the situation going on all over the place.”

Bell Park Gardens’ board and property manager responded with assurances everything was up to par.

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Anonymous said...

Fabio Morales is an official of Laborers' Local 78 - the notorious asbestos workers' union. It seems that companies who are signed up with this union can't get any customers. Why? Because the union's contract calls for work rules and compensation costs that are astronomical. Customers can't afford them. So, since regular free market competition is the enemy of the union, they rely on scare tactics to intimidate the public. They do it all the time. All they want is to force the owner to give the job to one of the union's contractors.

You can take Bell Park's name out and substitute any other of the union's targets.

Anonymous said...

The Bell Park Residents have been having nothing but problems with the Board of Directors of Bell Park Gardens regarding this asbestos nightmare. The Asbestos project was started without the resident’s permission. Which many residents of Bell Park Gardens contend was a violation of their proprietary lease. No satisfactory explanation was ever given as to why. They took almost three million dollars of our money with little or no sensible explanation.
Almost all of the residents that I have spoken to believe that something very fishy is going on in Bell Park Gardens.

And in response to the previous posters anti-union attack on Mr. Fabio Morales. Mr. Morales is a resident of Bell Park Gardens. This is his home, and if he has reason to believe that his health or the health of others in his community is at risk, he has every right to take action. If in fact Mr. Morales works in asbestos removal and this is his area of expertise than I found his argument even more credible not less as the previous poster contends.Mr Fabian Morales is a community hero, who is standing up to the Bell Park Gardens corporation. He needs our support and help. After all it could be your community next.

Anonymous said...

Please support Mr. Fabian Morales. Hes a community hero who is taking a stand against a giant coporation. The Bell Park Gardens Corperation.
Do we want to sit idly by, while another coporation takes aim at the working class men and woman of Queens and we do nothing?
Take back our communities, support Mr. Morales in his fight against Bell Park Gardens.

unknown said...

I don't understand why someone would make up that they have asbestos when a life threatening problem could arise from it. The residents of bell park have been paying an assesment for something to be fixed, and when some stood up to their "property manager" they got bashed down and called dissidents. What's wrong with these people?

Anonymous said...

After hearing about the first responders from 9-11 who are sick and dying from toxins like that, I think we need to give Fabio Morales and all the residents of Bell Park Gardens all the support we can muster in seeking the truth about what happened in their homes.
Everyone here has seen what contractors and their shills can do to our neighborhoods. Thats what this website is about.