Friday, January 9, 2009

Urban planning at its finest, part 8

41st Road, just off College Point Blvd.



I wish I could tell you how many units were in this, but the addresses that correspond with these lots come up with plans that were withdrawn.



Miles Mullin said...

Hey lets thank all those folks living in landmark designated areas: all that is needed is a few thousand more dollars for new staff to approve all those solariums added tastefully of course) to roofs.

A further kudo to these people for their control of city wide community preservation organizations that ensure that 90% of funds for preservation are spent in Manhattan and that a city wide public education program will never see the light of day.

And a final nod to these people are the owners and investors in development properties and donors to blockbusting institutions like Columbia and NYU.

Miles Mullin said...

Lets not forget our homegrown talent with their own cute little agendas: Queensmarks - little more than a clever advertising gimmick for QHS, their desire to have separate landmark commissions in each borough (which will be of course them!), organizations whose only function is to adorn people's names (QPL?), and leadership all to ready to jump through hoops every time they see a politician or city planner (they want to be nice and be liked by important people I guess.)

It just proves that second stringers can only go so far.

We should of course include all those urban policy think tanks, those Pratts and Columbias and the like that do study after study on how we can accommodate another million people and blissfully ignore all those things needed for stable communities (I guess that would conflict with their funding sources).

Let’s give credit for this to non-profits, like Urban Lore and the like, for their careful interest in recording vital parts of our past, like the first Salsa record store in the Bronx, or whatever.

Miles Mullin said...

The point here is that a small group of our betters have their fingers on community preservation.

They have no interest in stuff like this.

They say nothing about stuff like this.

They consider stuff like this unimportant.

Overturn the landmarks law. Any property owners out there? Any develpers ready to do the nasty?

Jason in Kew Gardens said...

WOW. This one needs some kind of Queens Crap award.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg, the "C.E.O." of New York City, who pushed more middle class out of New York than any other crooked politician in history including Pataki and Guiliani COMBINED by bulldozing over 2 family homes in Queens and Brooklyn for 'Luxury Condo's' THAT NO ONE COULD AFFORD ESPECIALLY NATIVE NEW YORKER'S AND ARE NOW SITTING SILENT AND ROTTING OUR STREETSCAPES NOW, and his very special "dinner friends" have been caught with their golden hands in the Yankees crapper again, this time giving 300 million dollars of our taxes to them as the Yes Network is worth 2 billion dollars this year, all for free box seats and free parking spaces in return.
ANYONE that votes for this crooked bastard for a third (albeit ILLEGAL) term has got to be either a millionaire or severely mentally ill - OR BOTH.

Anyone who denies that this brilliant "C.E.O." did not have his hands in the economic disaster that started with his close personal friends on Wall Street and has now brought down the entire world and will continue to do so for years to come is an asshole.