Friday, January 9, 2009

Fight for the Katz litterbox underway

For Queens political junkies, the race to replace City Councilwoman Melinda Katz has quickly unfolded as one of the borough's most intriguing contests.

Ex-Assemblyman Michael Cohen vs. Deputy Borough President Karen Koslo-witz. A trio of activists duke it out. Former high school classmates go head to head.

In all, seven Democrats and a Republican are in the mix.

Even Katz herself, who has declared her candidacy for city controller, may run again for the Forest Hills seat if Controller Bill Thompson, a fellow Democrat, cancels his mayoral bid and eyes reelection.

Amid so much uncertainty, political spectators expect many twists and turns - including some candidates dropping out and new ones entering the fray - as the campaign winds toward November.

Council campaign battle royal brewing


Anonymous said...

Melinda is a whore for the real interest. It inpossible to find
afordable housing in her district.
She deserves to wear a leg monitor.
I hope a big dog chases her out
of the big apple

Anonymous said...

Melinda should be ashamed of herself. She did to herself what she does to all of us in Forest Hills. She learned alot from
the Hevesi Family.

Anonymous said...

Must be lucrative to run in our area!

Anonymous said...

It's an easy job especially in our district where nobody complains to our elected representatives--so they think all is well. God forbid they go out of their way and do something constructive for our community, rather than let it rot away--Hevesi, Weiner, Katz-- that's all of you!
Hevesi-- keep your stupid alternate parking calendar!!! We can read the signs. (How much did that cost the taxpayers?? What do you and your staff do all day??
Weiner-- what's up with our disgusting 71st Av subway station that we have complained to you for nearly 8 years now?