Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not getting a pass now

Records show that a special squad of cops from the NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau handed out a total of 6,915 placard-related summonses between April and December 2008 and towed 1,165 vehicles.

The list of agencies snared in the sweeps reads like a Who's Who of law enforcement - the NYPD, the Correction Department, federal agents and employees of the court system and the district attorneys.



Taxpayer said...

What proof is there that this "news" "report" is anything except that "newspaper's" publication of a press release?

You have no proof.

The public voices an objection to a problem?

Issue a press release to the newspapers. They will never ask questions, They will never investigate. There will be no follow-up.

Specify the most recent "expose" regarding NYC illegalities reported by the NYC Newspapers and quickly resolved by decisive action?

Frank said...

Yeah, I still see the cops who live (not work) in my neighborhood park their personal vehicles where ever they damn well please.

They favor a spot on my street where parking is prohibited due to line of sight issues with the cross street. So instead of mere parking summonses they should also be busted for endangering public safety.

Anonymous said...

In Jamaica (corner of Jamaica Avenue and 165th Street), every day there are cars with official federal gov't plates that park in the bus lane all day on Jamaica Avenue, disrupting the flow of bus traffic, as well as taking up half of the meters on 165th Street, likely disrupting shoppers who would like to park. There's a private parking garage one block south on 165th and Archer Avenue, so the feds could just as easily buy monthly permits for their people to park there. Not sure which federal agency they work for.

Anonymous said...

If they want a good place to catch some fish, I suggest these guys take their enforcement to the Atlas Mall location--on Cooper Ave. between 81 and 82 St. There they will find placards, placards, placards, of all kinds--some real, some made up, evry city agency under the sun. All parked illegally. Sometimes the same ones every day! It's crap!

QJohnnie said...

IA ticketed the cars around Atlas in a sweep not but a few weeks ago. An IA lieutenant rides with a traffic ennforcement agent and hits the trouble spots down the line... 112 precinct, Borough Hall, Jamaica courthouse, etc. Seems mostly designed for the show of these press releases, because it's only been done infrequently.

Anonymous said...

More of this, please.

There is someone on my block with a police plackard. He has been using the hydrant to park his car in front of on street-sweeping days for a good many years now.

These are the types of cops you hope to see shot one day.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a job for Jimmy Justice!

Anonymous said...

Yes, but wait till these cops and detectives stop showing up for their court appearances, and their defendants go free.

Anonymous said...

You are right about that. It is a charade. Get the numbers/quotas, then bail later.