Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Great news for Dutch Kills!

From Crain's:

Nearly every hotel in the city, from Marriott properties to the Waldorf-Astoria to budget brands like Comfort Inn, are either temporarily laying off employees, reducing hours, eliminating jobs entirely or planning to do so soon. Some are closing entire floors.

Housekeepers are taking the biggest hit right now, but front-desk clerks, bellmen and concierges could be victims of downsizing as well.

More than 10% of the city's 42,400 hotel workers are expected to lose their jobs—some only temporarily—this year, according to Lodging Investment Advisors. In early December, occupancy rates were down 4.5 percentage points to 80%, compared with the same period last year, according to Smith Travel Research.

Occupancy drop forces layoffs at hotels


The Laughing Stock of NYC said...

Upzone! Upzone! Upzone!

We are in favor of roofing over Sunnyside Railyards.

This is the candy store we went to as a kid. This is a nice restaurant. This will all be bulldozed once we upzone.

We want development cause the kids that go in our schools don't live here - we want our schools filled with local kids.

Anonymous said...

CB1 the community board from Hell.

Anonymous said...

Forget it.

that community like your part of the boro is written off.

no one who is important cares.

besides, if you people at that stupid, then you deserve half of Bloombergs million.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry.

These hotel rates will be hourly
to better serve the burgeoning
hooker trade that's flourished in this area for a couple of decades!

Welcome to the "Hot Sheets Inn"
a subsidiary of the Waldorf
in nearby Astoria!

Anonymous said...

How da ya like dem apples
Mr. Delis and that spineless community board from hell (CB#1)? !!!

Anonymous said...

Aside from the tramps from the local titty joints, there hasn't been much hooker action around the Queens Plaza/Dutch Kills area for at least a year now.

Queens Crapper said...

Repulsive Ravenswood Rats & Hookers

Anonymous said...

The hookers will be back eventuelly, when all the new unoccupied glass towers go rental.

Anonymous said...

It seems they moved north, away from the newly gentrified Queens Plaza.