Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Eminent domain = high density

From Noticing New York:

In essence, we find ourselves concluding that “eminent domain is density” or, put another way, that greater density is now coming upon us by way of eminent domain.

It is not an accident that the use of eminent domain coincides with...surpassing examples of density: Eminent domain is being used as the tool to shoehorn in density that would not be achievable under normal circumstances. The fact that these three examples are current era projects separated by only a few years bespeaks something of the new proclivity to use eminent domain to force private owners to transfer their property to other private owners. Often the transfers being forced involve the new, after-transfer owners making similar or identical use of the land as the original owners even though the original owners’ actual buildings might be torn down.


Missing Foundation said...

All the preservation organizations are busy keeping the tykes at Pratt and the like involved in projects for NY's future:


Anonymous said...

the theifs that run this city think they are entitled to your land ---we are just renting until they want to take it

Anonymous said...

Let's call it what it really is...

Anonymous said...

True dat!

Those Pratt-lers have got to
insure that there are enough future jobs available for their graduates by ruining the viability of sustaining the economy of NYC in the process.

So their credo is
build denser despite our inadequate existing infrastructure...
following in the footsteps of that Hunter College stooge Ms. Meiklejohn!

Oh, no...we didn't forget you "honey"!