Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Maloney wants Hillary's seat

Rep. Carolyn Maloney launched her own upstate tour Saturday - with a few more public stops than her more talked about rival for Sen. Hillary Clinton's seat.

Maloney, a Manhattan Democrat, arrived in Buffalo Saturday morning for the start of a three-day tour that will also include Syracuse and Rochester.

These are the same cities Senate contender Caroline Kennedy visited last month. Unlike Kennedy, who was criticized for meeting only with city mayors and a handful of other officials, Maloney's schedule included public forums.

Kennedy has captured the most attention of the contenders for Clinton's seat.

Maloney, however, is also known to be aggressively seeking the seat and has hired Bill Lynch Associates, a political consulting group, to help promote her cause.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney makes upstate bid for Hillary's Senate seat


Anonymous said...

At least CM is an elected POl - good or not-so-good she is a US Rep and better suited or qualified to be effective out-of-the-gate.

Caroline - please go back to the charity circuit - stop listening to your family - they are tainted legacy.

Taxpayer said...

Maloney has had the harlot's senate seat for years. In both of her hands. She and so many other gaga morons have been kissing the ass of this lying wife of a lying hillbilly for years.

Anonymous said...

That's what we need is some more thick slices of Maloney/baloney!

Bah...dump her!

Anonymous said...

Say what you want about Maloney but I will take her over Caroline Kennedy anyday.

faster340 said...

Just what we need, more support solely for Manhattan. The outer boro's would get the shaft as usual...

Anonymous said...

This woman is responsible for tearing down a lot of the character of this community.

She got funding for the Astoria Institute's demise (1828) so the ugly housinig can be built there. You know the one run by party boss DeMaco's son.

Hey it Queens. Who cares.

In Manhattan her head would have been on a pole.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn Maloney is the ONLY politician that did anything for survivors of 9/11,whether you were her constiuient or not.

She got FEMA money for lots of people when their own representatives could care less.

thank you Carolyn, one hard working woman, who as another poster mentioned was elected.

not for nothing but what did Caroline Kennedy do for any New Yorker after 9/11? She was safe in her bunker and is out of touch with working class New Yorkers.

all that rarified air on fifth avenue is not all that good for the lungs.