Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shocking news: drinking leads to stupid behavior

...a city health department report released yesterday detail[s] just how dangerous binge drinking can be for New Yorkers — particularly when it comes to sex.

According to the report, heavy drinkers in the city tend to have more sex partners and are more likely to get sexually transmitted diseases.

Report: alcohol fuels multiple sex partners, STDs

We needed a taxpayer-funded report to explain this?


Anonymous said...

Must have been much more drinking in the 1970's here.

Taxpayer said...

"We needed a taxpayer-funded report to explain this?"

The more they binged, the better the report looked.

Then, they could charge the taxpayers more for this imbecilic waste.

Remember, these are the same people who claim to manage the auto, health, and financial industry better than those MBAs, doctors and engineers who trained for years to do just that.

Anonymous said...

Living proof....Dennis Gallagher!

ya think? said...

What a surprise !!!
Someone actually paid for that earth shattering revelation?

Anonymous said...

Just another stepping stone to tax another product. It worked with cigarettes now it's going to happen with soft drinks so why not drinking. These people are used to a lifestyle they don't want to change due to the economic downturn they don't believe in the same sacrifices they expect the taxpayer to live by. To me it's nothing more than a sad joke on the taxpayer. Them being concerned about our health is just an illusion one of many these days by our leaders.

Wade Nichols said...

We needed a taxpayer-funded report to explain this?

James Taranto writes the "Best of the Web" column for the Wall Street Journal, and he makes fun of these types of studies almost daily.

His typical headline: "What would we do without binge drinking studies!"

Anonymous said...

i think biggie should start drinking

Hell Gate Kid said...

Someone politically connected got the contract.

panzer65 said...

No there's a shock,ever hear of single's bars?