Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hiram claims he's the real victim

"The information the police and the DA are leaking to the press are absolute lies," Monserrate said. "I never hit Karla, yanked her hair or abused her in any way. Any videotapes the police obtained from my building will back me up."

The NYPD and District Attorney Richard Brown are pursuing a "political lynching," Monserrate claimed, because he has challenged both agencies.

Two sources close to Monserrate gave this account:

Giraldo was slightly drunk when she showed up at his apartment that night after a Christmas party. He found a cop's PBA card in her pocketbook. They argued, but then made up, went to bed and even had sex.

Around 2:30 a.m., Monserrate went to the kitchen to get Giraldo a glass of water.

When he returned to the bedroom, he tripped as he was getting into the high platform bed and fell on top of Giraldo. The glass shattered in his right hand. As his hand came down, the jagged glass gashed her above her left eye.

No one familiar with domestic abuse cases would believe that scenario. A doctor at Long Island Jewish Medical Center didn't - and called police. Even some of Monserrate's close friends were ready to abandon him.

Hiram Monserrate: NYPD, DA pursuing a "political lynching"

Took him awhile to come up with this stuff. This might make sense except that the tapes supposedly show Karla and Hiram arriving at his place together. And why did Hiram look in her pocketbook? Would he be ok with her fishing through his wallet?

And that part about Hiram having sex? Thanks for the tidbit, but that was definitely T.M.I. Here's something interesting from Newsday:

Police seized drinking glasses yesterday from the Queens apartment of state Sen. Hiram Monserrate so investigators could conduct tests and compare the results to the cuts suffered by his girlfriend during an argument over another man, law enforcement sources said yesterday.

Sources said tests will be conducted on seven drinking glass seized yesterday as evidence. If Monserrate tripped and fell, the angle and pressure of the wounds would be different from if he stuck her with the broken glass, sources said.


italian girl said...

"And that part about Hiram having sex? Thanks for the tidbit, but that was definitely T.M.I."

Absolutely. And if he was so pissed at his girlfriend about another guy, how did that put him in the mood? He just opened an embarrassing can of worms. And he's such a great guy he got her some water at 2:30 am? If I woke up my boyfriend to get me some water at that time, I'm almost positive he'd roll over and go back to sleep especially if he suspects I was cheating on him. Do you smell a rat?

Queens Crapper said...


Taxpayer said...

Then the police would have found water and glass shards on the bed near the pillow.

But, according to Tripper Monster Rat, they probably did find that exonerating evidence and destroyed it.

Anonymous said...

These violent offenders (i.e. Hiram "Monster-rat") and rapists (i.e. "Pinky" Gallagher)...two former city councilmen surely turned out to be pure pond scum!

Anonymous said...

And if he was so pissed at his girlfriend about another guy, how did that put him in the mood?

Guys are always in the mood

joe a said...

what did you think this lo life rat was going to say . like a rat he trying to dig his way out . i hope this girl cutter gets the book throne at him and gets jail time ,

a real loser , turns on his on kind

italian girl said...

Oh yeah? Even if they think their girlfriend is being banged by another guy?

Uh, I don't think so.

italian girl said...

girl cutter?

That's a good name for him.

georgetheatheist said...

"If I woke up my boyfriend to get me some water at that time..."

Evian or Perrier?

Anonymous said...

you never heard of make up sex italian girl?

italian girl said...

Wow, you are very forgiving. I wish I knew more guys like you.

georgetheatheist said...

"I wish I knew more guys like you".

Italian "girl" is there something missing in your life?

italian girl said...

Yes, Georgie, a guy who would forgive me if I cheated on him.

Are you one of those types of guys?

georgetheatheist said...

Of course, certo, bambina. I always wanted to wear horns. Uno vero cornuto.

Monster Rat. El Cabron?

italian girl said...

Un cornuto o pure un asino? Che peccato, Giorgio.

Either you have a good heart or you are butt-ugly.

slick said...

what a putz... did you think abusing your wife and then further creating a ruckus was going to help your cause?

Wade Nichols said...


Read here about the "flys" forming around the "fecal matter" (Monster-Rat):


sarah said...

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Anonymous said...

shut up wade