Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Developer screws Brooklyn homeowners

City officials vowed to make developer Alex Arker make drastically needed repairs to the 36 Blake Avenue Homes project.

But residents say Arker's repair work on the city-funded homes is as shoddy as his original construction: Roofs and boilers are fixed but break down again soon after.

The 36 two-family homes were built by Arker, a Long Island-based developer, for first-time homebuyers earning between $32,000 and $75,000 a year.

The houses cost nearly $240,000 each - money residents now say was a waste.

In 2005, when the problems first emerged, a spokeswoman for the Department of Housing Preservation and Development spokeswoman told the Daily News that Arker "has an obligation to the homebuyers," and the city would make sure the developer made repairs.

Homeowners said those promises were all wet.

"Nothing has changed," said Nigel Laurent, 44, who said his roof is "constantly leaking" despite repeated repairs.

Laurent, a train dispatcher who saved for years to afford his home, now feels cheated. "It was our life savings," he said.

Homeowners get soaked by shoddy homes


Taxpayer said...

Oh, so that's the "affordable housing" that Commissar Death and Taxes is seizing private property and business to make?

This will be the product of the taxpayers' $5 Billion the Commissar plans to transfer to developers (after keeping some for his own pig bank).

We have now seen the Commissar's future; do we keep this freak?

Anonymous said...

That is right. Affordable housing:

1. keeps the 'right' demographic in the community to counteract the Republican yuppies.

2. shoehorns workers into human warehouses - very efficient

3. shoddy buildings so that when the highrise tide reaches the community within 20 or 30 years everyone is ready for them to be torn down (no landmark potential there!)

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg, the "C.E.O." of New York City, who pushed more middle class out of New York than any other crooked politician in history including Pataki and Guiliani COMBINED by bulldozing over 2 family homes in Queens and Brooklyn for 'Luxury Condo's' THAT NO ONE COULD AFFORD ESPECIALLY NATIVE NEW YORKER'S AND ARE NOW SITTING SILENT AND ROTTING OUR STREETSCAPES NOW, and his very special "dinner friends" have been caught with their golden hands in the Yankees crapper again, this time giving 300 million dollars of our taxes to them as the Yes Network is worth 2 billion dollars this year, all for free box seats and free parking spaces in return.
ANYONE that votes for this crooked bastard for a third (albeit ILLEGAL) term has got to be either a millionaire or severely mentally ill - OR BOTH.

Anyone who denies that this brilliant "C.E.O." did not have his hands in the economic disaster that started with his close personal friends on Wall Street and has now brought down the entire world and will continue to do so for years to come is an asshole.