Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Term limits approval from Feds not filed for by City

Mayor Bloomberg's 'odd' delay on term bid

More than two months after signing the controversial law allowing him to seek a third term, Mayor Bloomberg still hasn't sought the required federal approval for it.

"It's odd and suspicious. It smacks of having some other agenda," said election law expert Richard Emery, a foe of the term extension, who backs Bloomberg's third run anyway.

Law Department spokeswoman Kate Ahlers said there's nothing sinister going on. Critics say they're surprised the application wasn't filed within days of Bloomberg signing the bill Nov. 3.

Meanwhile a Brooklyn federal judge Charles Sifton yesterday heard arguments on from city lawyers and foes of the term extension and said he will rule soon.

Needs federal approvel, eh? This could get interesting. Is Anthony Weiner paying attention?

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Taxpayer said...

Commissar Death and Taxes asking approval from his inferiors?

Screw them, too.