Wednesday, December 17, 2008

V is for Vintage

Click photo for Daily News slideshow


Joe said...

That R45 and the Grumman F-16 above 25A in Calverton are great examples of decent products made in this country.
Great post and nobody cares !!

Kudos to the folks at the Coney Island yard volunteers!!
Glad to see it again

I can’t wait till the old Steamer is finished in Oyster Bay.
That is a hellova blast to see coming down the Fresh Pond Montauk tracks.

Now, How many will show up ?

Anonymous said...

The newer trains are made in Japan which are pretty good quality but not as much character as this old one.
This country needs a bullet train like Japan,and Europe have to boost some revenue and not have to use a car or plane to get across three or more states.