Monday, December 1, 2008

Two-Ton Tony seeks plea deal

Longtime Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio is trying to negotiate a plea deal on his federal corruption charges, the Daily News has learned.

Seminerio's lawyer, Ira Cooper, confirmed he has been in discussions with the Manhattan U.S. attorney's office.

"You talk to them, you wait, and soon we'll have to make a decision on what to do," Cooper said.

The lawyer said because the Queens Democrat is 73 and in poor health, he's hoping to avoid prison time, which could be difficult under harsh sentencing guidelines for elected officials.

"An imprisonment for him would be much harder than for a healthy young man," he said. "It's very hard to tell someone in his health that if you say you're guilty, you could go to jail for years."

Queens Democrat Seminerio charged with corruption


Anonymous said...

Can't do the time, don't do the crime. Lock him up.

Taxpayer said...

"An imprisonment for him would be much harder than for a healthy young man," he said. "It's very hard to tell someone in his health that if you say you're guilty, you could go to jail for years."

Then, let me tell him: 30 years to life; no parole.

There, that was easy.

Why should there be any consideration for a criminal who used his/her power as an elected official to commit the criminal acts?

Punishment is a deterrent - supposed to be, anyway. How will there be any deterrent when the only deterrent is the criminal's use of the fact that he/she spend years with his/her snout in the trough as an excuse to get no punishment?

Anonymous said...

If he dies in prison too f**ckin bad.
I will more than happily kick his dead corpse.

faster340 said...

Too bad. You weren't too old or in such bad health to commit the crime in the first place!!!

Anonymous said...

LOCK HIM UP!!! im 28 i dont think id handle jail either

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but these politicians have to be taught a lesson. The longer someone is in office the more likely they are to become corrupt. Absolute power breeds corruption. Once your in office you become a part of the political corruption of solving problems. This leads to being treated differently by the public. The longer in office the better treatment and more respect they command. They than think they are better than the people they represent because they have brought so much money into their districts and the people owe them. This is the attitude of almost every single politician. They believe that because they solve so many local problems the community as a whole owes them for the work they have done. So when they take bribes they believe that they deserve the money because of what they have done. They become detached from the real world and become part of the fantasy that comes with holding office. That is why term limits are so important. It keeps them on their toes and they have to stay in the reality of it all. They have to keep it honest because they will not hold office after their term is up. It keeps everyone honest and real because their is no time to become corrupt.

Anthony has looked very good at the functions he has attended in the last 6 months. His sickness if what he has created to prevent himself from having to do time. I am sure that the feds are going to demand that his documentation is real before they even decide to cut a deal with him. By the way this stems from the Park side Group grand jury investigation that is going on right now. Brian is singing to the feds about everyone that ever did anything questionable to avoid jail time. Anthony will do the same thing. In the end it is all about saving your own ass because no one is honorable enough to serve their time for the crimes they did so they rat out everyone they could to avoid jail time. That alone shows you how weak they are and how dishonorable they are. In the end they will have to answer for their crimes to a higher power and that power will deal with their crimes here on earth. "What goes around, comes around." That are the lessons people seem to forget. If we all lived by this alone the world would be a better place. Enough with the passes that are given out for politicians. And Rangel is next.

Anonymous said...

There is no get out of jail free for geriatric cases. I feel sorry for the guard who has to do the body cavity check. Bend over and spread 'em, Anthony. Whew!

Anonymous said...

How will the jail's kitchen serve up enough calories to feed this guy? The other inmates will starve. That's not fair.

Clair Voyant said...

Hey Crappy, I was looking back on your blog, here's an oldie but goodie from Tony Seminerio's perv friend, former Councilrapist, Dennis Gallagher and one that was soooooooooo acurate from Sunday, April 22, 2007...

Did you Know? said...

• Dennis P. Gallagher keeps paying off a staff member he’s been abusing, she should leave immediately since she is basically a good person and you hate to see her caught up in this.

• So many people have seen his illegal and immoral activities and many will give him up in a heartbeat.

• He keeps telling them that nothing will happen except it is already too late. Look at him, he’s a walking barometer of deceit. The more pink he gets the more lying he's doing.

• His office has been used for everything, so much so, even Bubba would be jealous. Shockingly, the guy shits where he eats.

• His old boss still calls him Duplicitous Dennis. “When you have been lying your entire life it becomes like breathing.” "He always underestimates the intelligence of his friends and enemies." “He loses track of his lies and when he gets caught he adamantly questions your memory and denies everything.”

• He is a good con artist to the gullible. His "friends" eventually become his victims. The extremely dumb ones catch on very late. This is evident by the people who are still with him.

• Yes there is a God. Gallagher has already been punished for his reckless life. His maladies are so extensive that it would take too much space on this blog to list.

• Sadly, there's more but the pure evil of this man is giving me the chills.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Anonymous said...

he can't go to jail because the federal government can't afford to feed him - the other prisoners will starve. cruel and unusual punishment.

Anonymous said...

fat forking crook.

Anonymous said...

No plea deal for TONY THE TURD.
Obviously suffering from all deadly sins. Gluttony - sloth - etc...
Stealing and lying to the public who are paying his salary.
This week the news had a small article(It should have been bigger) about a business man in China, went before the firing squad for "FRAUD". IF we had that law in this country bullets would be a hot commodity.