Saturday, December 20, 2008

Two-Ton Tony lashes out at reporters

An enraged Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio came out swinging and swearing before pleading innocent yesterday to a federal corruption charge.

The portly Queens pol cursed at a newspaper photographer and knocked his camera out of the way as he exited a car on his way to arraignment in Manhattan federal court.

Seminerio, hiding his face behind an overcoat, nearly repeated the performance on his way out of the courthouse before his cadre of defense lawyers intervened.

"They're f- - -ing animals," he muttered as two fotogs clicked away.



Lino in virtuous Manhattan said...

Yo! In them 'ol days youse guys would find a horse's head in your bed. Da boys ain't what they used to be.

Gotta admit Queens is second-to-none when it comes to crap.

Kevin Walsh said...

"They're f- - -ing animals," he muttered as two fotogs clicked away.

I've said it before. Besides being immoral, malfeasance is SUCH a pain in the neck. I don't know why anyone does it, since you usually get caught, eventually.

Anonymous said...

"hiding his face in his coat"????

like he can't be seen him coming from miles away?

Anonymous said...

They are all phoneys, liars, and crooks-- get rid of them all---NOW!!!!

Anonymous said...

He didn't mean to knock the camera out of the fotog's hands - he's just so fat...

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Serf help clear the path through all the photographers? He wasn't there but I thought they were best friends. You know sharing anti pastsa in
Albany together. All politicians are the scum of the earth. When your up they are right with you and when your down they will be the first to throw the dirt into your grave.

Anonymous said...

Tony, Tony, Tony, when are you going to play nice?

next time watch your mouth.

if you had some manners, some consideration for other people you might not be in the papers.

this is what comes from grabbing the last piece of cake.