Saturday, December 13, 2008

That's no bull

Bayside residents looking for a buck or two need look no further after Bell Boulevard’s Johnny Famous bar unleashed the borough’s only mechanical bull at its opening in October.

Tommy Tardie, co−owner of the Bayside bar at 40−05 Bell Blvd., said its bull was surrounded by soft, inflatable padding and that the machine’s operators will not let patrons ride if they are inebriated.

But he said bull riders must first sign a waiver and that pregnant women and intoxicated patrons are not allowed to ride.

Bell Blvd. bar gets bullish on Bayside


-Joe said...

I beleive that address is the old Crazy Moose Saloon I played there with a WHO ribute band a wile back. This guy Renne from the old "Poets" (Now a Korean fag joint) in Flushing managed it

How did this idiot get insurance, does he give people breathalyzers.
Alcoholics can reach BAC’s of .15 signs of being “drunk”
Liability insurance doesn’t cover these bulls and 2 even with a waiver you can still end up spending $100,000 defending yourself when somebody gets a spine injury.
"When we want them off we get them off" Yeah that will look good in a courtroom --I give the bull 2 weeks

Anonymous said...

Were you drunk when you wrote this?