Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Schleicher battle goes to court

More than half a dozen College Point families are still fighting to be allowed back into their homes. On Monday, they took their battle before a judge, but the real battle of words took place on the courthouse steps.

Residents Voice Concerns Outside Courthouse


Anonymous said...

No more justace for Archie Bunker

Lets see:
1-Rob's a store get jail.
2-Be a slumlord get nothing
3-Rob $50 Billion get house arrest...especially if your a Jew like the Judges
Bernard Maddof (another Jewish friend of the mayor) scammed investors out of $50billion and No Jail !

The crook gets to remain in his $7 million Park Avenue apartment!
Not only does this filthy pig get to stay in his luxurious home, the sc*mbag can still go out!
He's only curfew is 9 PM until 7 AM.

It seems to me "the fix" is already in

Vance said...

fuck all those deadbeat, want free rent, broke ass tenants. take your illiterate, uncooth selves down to nycha where you belong

Anonymous said...

Before you go talking trash..get your facts straight..deadbeats,i do not think so...we are hard working people,with jobs&we work hard everyday to get what we sound's like you are friend's with an individual who is going around the neighborhood trashing you hater's,that do not know the facts..maybe you belong were you send us..we have tenants who are in the ''medical field''in law enforcement''we have tenants in ''supervisor position's,so to that buddy,go have some coffe&get a life,you sound ignorant....such hatred,for people you do not even know..we for free rent,lol!!my rent is higher than most people's morgages..& on that note,have a good day...&get over it already!!

Anonymous said...

you sound like a racist,full of hatred,person....if you took time to know the facts,you would not say the ignorant things you just said..when one decides to have an opinion,it is imperative to get your facts straight..illiterate,uncooth??lol!!you could only ''dream''of living in a ''Beautiful Historical''Ready to be ''N.Y.C. Landmarked&is ''Queensmarked'' already!!place like us..Read the ''paper's or better yet''put on the news&get informed,the mind is a terrible thing to waste!!you sound ''wasted''we are in every newspaper&as you can clearly see,on the news chanels also...obviously no one feels like you do about us..have a blessed day!!you sound like you need one!!hatred is a disease,go for some treatment..stop hating!!

Anonymous said...


No Heat?

When the day comes that the Queens County House Court Judges are forced to live in the housing conditions that they help to create they will rule in an unbiased fashion and this county's tenants will be vindicated.

Good luck to the tenants. The majority of people who work in the housing court hate their jobs and are miserable as they count down the days left to retirement.

Anonymous said...

My God,what a thing to say about people you don't even know!!You sound like a miserible,disgusting person,i hope you get some help for all the hate inside you....i have been keeping updates on this story&i think this ''slumlord''should be put in jail,for every month these people were homeless,gee,where is your compassion??and there are children involved her..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Vance,you are the one that sounds must be such an evil,miserable excuse for a human being,you deserve!!

Anonymous said...