Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sadik-Khan's dereliction of duty

The intersection of 64th Street and Grand Avenue is becoming more dangerous because of tractor trailers jumping the curb. This is at the site of the DOT triangle reconfiguration project which was intended to make the intersection safer for schoolchildren. Below are photos taken over the last few weeks that illustrate that it has had the opposite effect.

Nov 12: Notice the dent on the lamppost caused by a truck making a too-tight turn.

Nov 24: A truck toppled the lamppost and DOT placed a plastic bollard over it. This was not a wise move because drivers thought the bollard was hollow, and did not realize there was a stationary metal object beneath it.

Nov 24: A DOT supervisor stopped by but apparently didn't see anything wrong.

Dec 1: The lane was made narrower due to the presence of construction vehicles and...

...tractor trailers continued to run over the stump of the lamppost.

Dec 2: Another truck ran over the stump, which apparently still had live exposed wires. This caused all the signals at the intersection to go out which caused a major traffic problem. Police were dispatched to direct traffic while DOT workers fixed the lights and erected this temporary pedestrian signal. How long before another truck knocks this over?

DOT needs to divert trucks off Grand Avenue immediately before someone gets hurt or killed at that corner. DOT and CB5 were sent photos after each stage of the destruction of the lamppost but no corrective action has been taken.

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For disregarding the safety of area pedestrians (after being petitioned several times) and blocking the creation of a fully-funded firehouse, while bending over backwards to protect bicyclists, Queens Crap hereby presents our first ever Golden Bowl award to Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan. Congratulations, lady!


Anonymous said...

This is almost like a comedy-dent lamppost,knock over lamppost,run over lamppost stump, wreck traffic signals. Maybe if the award winner got run over at that intersection something useful would finally be done.


Anonymous said...

The wrath of Sadik-Khan!

Enterprise said...

The Wrath of Sadik-Khan is the 5th feature nightmare based on the Bloomberg science fiction franchise, and was released in 2007 by Bloomberg Follies LLC. In the Bloomberg made for shit administration, Queens neighborhoods face off against the genetically-engineered tyrant Janette Sadik-Khan, a character who first appeared in the 1980s. When Sadik- Khan escapes from 18 years of incompetence in the private sector, Queens residents must stop Khan from getting her hands on a powerful but unstable terraforming device. One where she pretends to be a commissioner of the NYC Department of Transportation.
Since becoming Commissioner, she has embarked on an aggressive agenda causing the death of dozens of pedestrains in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Get to work Liz.