Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rockaway elementary school closing

At least three middle and elementary schools will be shuttered next year for "unacceptable performance," Education Department officials confirmed yesterday.

Middle School 44 on Manhattan's upper West Side will not enroll a sixth-grade class next year and will be phased out within 2-1/2 years, an Education Department spokeswoman said.

A new middle school will replace it starting next year.

Public School 225 in Rockaway Park, Queens, and PS 90 in Morrisania, the Bronx, also will close, sources said.

About 42% of PS 225 students read and 63% did math at grade level.

1 middle, 2 elementary schools getting the ax


italian girl said...

And now the new schools that those kids go to will have the same fate. You don't need to change the schools, but change the kids and the families they come from. Until that's done, nothing will change.

Anonymous said...

The same children from the same families equals the same results. It's not the teachers who are to blame, but the system which does not hold families accountable for their children's actions.