Friday, December 12, 2008

Protest against Cross Bay Bridge toll

"They are dividing a borough that is absolutely integrated," said Queens resident Geraldine Chapey. "It's really terrible."

Fired up and ready to fight, some Rockaway and Broad Channel residents say they will not stand for the MTA's plan to start charging them to use the Cross Bay Bridge. Imagine having to pay to go to another neighborhood in your borough, right within your community board.

"This bridge represents the same as putting a toll in the middle of Queens Boulevard in order to go from one side to the other," said Assemblywoman Audrey Pheffer.

Borough President Helen Marshall says eliminating the rebate will hurt Queens economically.

"We have been pushing to buy Queens when you in Queens. Well if it's going to cost the citizens of the Rockaways to go across a bridge they are going to be much more tempted to go into Nassau County."

Queens Residents Protest Proposed Bridge Toll


Miles Mullin said...

Helen, this is what happens when try to add a million people.

Someone has to pay for developer tax breaks and infrastructure costs.

Of course, being the typical Democrat, you think this money will come from Washington.

Nothing comes from Washington. It comese from taxes paid ... by the same people fighting the tolls.

Its called a shell game, Helen.

And posts like this you will see more and more as your electorate's average education level rises beyond grammer school.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck and don't give up...Keep fighting.

Anonymous said...

People have to draw the line somewhere. This stupid and mean-spirited decision must never be allowed to go through.How dare they? Something tells me they have made a BIG mistake instituting this toll. This is the kind of thing that leads to a rising up of the people and the downfall of the arrogant and stupid "rulers." Be strong.

Anonymous said...

why do you car drivers always want a free ride? i pay subway fare to go from one part of queens to another.

Anonymous said...

And the registration fees, license fees, gas tax, vehicle tax and tolls I pay on the crossings subsidize that subway ride. When you shoulder the entire burden for your ride, then you can bitch.