Monday, December 15, 2008

Piled high in the Katz litterbox

See that interesting-looking Tudor-style house between the sets of detached homes and rowhouses?

Here's what the one-family house was replaced with: PROPOSED 8 FAMILY DWELLING WITH 6 STORY & CELLAR. It's at 64-64 Wetherole Street in Rego Park. As you can see, it's had its share of violations.

Some of the comments I have gotten from people I have showed this to are, "How the hell did they get away with that?" and "This makes me want to throw up!"
But hey - it turns out this raping of the block is 100% legal, thanks to our illustrious Department of City Planning with assistance from the local councilperson.
From an urban planner who was sent these photos:

"The building at Wetherole Street is awful - but, it's a block that cat-litter Katz never rezoned, hence the R7-1 disaster being built."

"People talk to me about developers and their support, and my answer is, ‘They are the folks who care deeply about the direction this city is going.’" - Councilmember Melinda Katz, Chair of Land Abuse


Anonymous said...

A crime, thanks to a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Queeens Crapper,

Take a look at Austin Street and 67 Avenue. I'm guessing we will be looking at that hole in the ground and fencing they must have found in the City Dump forever.

Giant litter box.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Here....puss, puss, puss.

The developer expects some "service"
C.M. Katz!

Anonymous said...!

That's one great photo-shop image!

But it's beginning to stink around here...better dump in some more self clumping litter.

Wadda ya expect from an alley cat? !!!

Melinda, after all, is the chief courtesan/bimbo of NYC's real estate/building industry!

See for yourself by checking out her campaign contributions online!

Anonymous said...

Alley Katz has been grabbing her ankles for developers so long that she may never be able to stand up straight again!

Anonymous said...

She's the Bukharians' bitch!

Anonymous said...

Notice how a home two doors down from this tower is now for sale. My guess is that it too will be transformed into a tower. Soon, every home on his block will become a Fedders tower. This is 21st entury blockbusting.

Anonymous said...

And after Katz finishes pooping
all over her own neighborhood she'll, no doubt, be selling her dark little house and moving on someday too!

Her casa could become su casa
in a resale deal?

I'm not interested...not with the crap that's already backed up into her basement on several occasions during recent flooding!

Hevesi might buy it for sentimental reasons if it comes on the market!

Fond memories of "canoodling" days gone by.

Anonymous said...

notice the lack of windows on the sides of the building. that is no accident. the developers plan is that when the neighbors decide they had enough, they will buy up their property and put an attached building up. they will go down the block one by one.

Anonymous said...

This is 21st century blockbusting.



Anonymous said...

Everybody talks about rezoning and down-zoning as if they are solutions/panaceas. In fact, some of these efforts are opportunities for rezoning of a few key plots of land that could not be developed before. When Mr. Green shows up ($$$$) the pols make adjustments to certain plots, opening them up to a bright, new redeveloped future. Do not put your faith in rezoning! Do not put your faith in anything these days!

Jason in Kew Gardens said...

When was this picture taken? I passed this fugly mess in Summer '07 and it looked exactly the same.

There's another ruined rowhouse on Wetherole closer to Forest Hills. Just one piece of garbage like this does so much to degrade the entire area. You'd be hardpressed these days to stand on any street in the county and not spot at least one Fedders dump making a mockery of the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

If that was my block I would have a stroke. No doubt about it. I think I'm having one now, just looking at that picture.

Taxpayer said...

"People talk to me about developers and their support, and my answer is, ‘They are the folks who care deeply about the direction this city is going.’" says Melinda San.

Of course they care deeply about the direction ..., Moron San!

With you up their ass and them up yours, they care that you and the Commissar stay in power for a long time. They care very deeply.

They freak out at the thought that you depart the scene.

Snake Plissskin said...

The very fact that she can say this tells us that the preservation community is a joke.

They cut a deal.

Hands off our 5% of the city.

We will say nothing as you pillage the rest.


50 cent said...

vote this bitch out

Anonymous said...

You never hear or read about our Councilwoman in the news...she never has an opinion on city developments or stands on the front line with her co-members Goia, Lui, Avella, ...
Why isn't she speaking out about the MTA fare increases, overdevelopment in Central Queens, housing, education, etc--- not a peep from her!!! And she wants to be City Comptroller?????

Anonymous said...

Why isn't she speaking out about the MTA fare increases, overdevelopment in Central Queens, housing, education, etc--- not a peep from her!!! And she wants to be City Comptroller?????

You can pretty much say that about all the machine hacks. All they care about is staying in power and making money.

Senior programs, immigrant programs, gay programs, poor programs and that is it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a shame, that looked like a really nice Tudor.

Anonymous said...

Now why isn't Fox 5 doing a story on this project?

Anonymous said...

Isn't a bitch is a female dog?

Katz is a crooked c--t!

Gail said...

Wow! A lot of you really do not no Council Woman Katz. I have lived in this community my entire life. I have seem the good she has done for our children and our schools. I have also seen her fight for the preservation of our community. Instead of being nasty and putting out rude comments that u cannot get back, how about you call her and speak with her and get to know her for the wonderful hard working community minded lady she really is. Good night

Taxpayer said...

Well, Gail, then explain to this taxpayer why she NEVER returns any calls (except developers'), NEVER replies to letters or emails, NEVER answers any questions put to her in person?

Is this Melinda-San some kind of anointed empress, who NEVER needs to acknowledge that the voting taxpayers outrank her no matter what she calls herself?

Gail, it's lazy-minded morons such as you who let Melinda-San have such an exalted view of herself.

Or, you are a paid staffer. So, are you on the payroll, or are you just stupid?

Or, are you SHE herself? At least that would explain the spelling problems exhibited in the comment.

Anonymous said...

The building is directly across the street from my parents house. My father was lied to right to his face when he confronted Katz' spokesperson. In the following months they have knocked down numerous other single family homes in the area. To add insult to injury, they just ripped down the two houses adjacent to this monstrosity and are planning an even bigger dump. Katz and crew lie right to your face. They are disgusting, reprehensible, vile dirtbags.