Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Obama's HUD choice a real winner

From the Village Voice: Five Reasons Why Bronx Beep Adolfo Carrion Will Be a Great HUD Secretary

Here's the first two:

1. A team player: Specifically, for the Yankees. When a bunch of spoilsport members of the local community board objected a couple years ago to giving the richest team in baseball a public park and a few hundred million bucks to build a brand new stadium in his borough, Carrion quickly purged them from the board.

2. Gets along famously with housing developers and contractors: Of the $2.3 million warchest Carrion raised for a race for citywide office next year, roughly two-thirds came from the real estate industry. Build baby build!


Anonymous said...

Obama's choices for most of the cabinet so far are a complete rehash joke.Zbigniew Bresinski is his ideological backer and the rest are war hawks that surround him like R Emanuel.
Not much change, just a new face.

Anonymous said...

In the end he will have created jobs an added to the economy of the Bronx.

Sounds like he did a good job to me.

Anonymous said...

How many permanent jobs are being created? And please remember we have the Village Voice to check back with.

Anonymous said...

oh well he didn't get it...