Sunday, December 14, 2008

NYPD may start layoffs

Reacting to the city's budget crisis, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly for the first time raised the possibility of layoffs within the NYPD Friday.

Kelly said he has already reduced the department's headcount by about 1,000 officers in the first round of cuts, partly by delaying its next police academy class.

Police spokesman Paul Browne says layoffs might not be necessary if they can find other ways to cut costs.

But Kelly says the department may need to take more drastic measures.

"Everything will be on the table, and obviously since we've already reduced with the first round of cuts, the next round will require layoffs," he said.

The last time the city laid off police officers was during the fiscal crisis of the 1970s.

As Budget Shrinks, NYPD Faces Possibility Of Layoffs


Anonymous said...

But Hugo Bloomberg has said that fewer police wont effect the crime rate.

Scumberg doesnt want to give back the $400 promised to homeowners, so he wants to screw the city if he doesnt get his way.

I am all for spending cuts, but isnt it a mayor's job to assess where cuts are needed and to apportion them accordingly? Uniform, across the board cuts are the act of a coward. I'd rather have a cop on my subway train than 50 ads telling me how many friggin calories are in a value meal. Is the need for people to feel safe when they leave their homes the same as the need to plant some bushes in a little 20' x 20' square by a highway and call it a park?

But how dare I say so. What retribution does this turd dictator have for me?

georgetheatheist said...

Anonymous said...

That's OK with me.

I just bought two more
Louisville Sluggers!

One for behind each door
to accompany the one I keep
under my bed!

jerry rotondi said...

Bloomberg continues to yank our chains while he asks us taxpayers to bail out the Yankee's with the ever increasing costs of their new stadium!

In classic Marie Antoinette's form:


Taxpayer said...

Why do I call him Commissar Death and Taxes?

What will this turtle-faced, twinkle-toe lying, temper-tantrum throwing moron write to each murder victim?

"Send me all your money, you whiner"? Is that what this cold-blooded freak says?

Miles Mullin said...

Well, NY's elite missed the boat when they drooled at all those unsustainable development projects.

Now we have a choice - tax breaks for developers or police and fire.

This is a story the media will not touch.