Wednesday, December 3, 2008

No new stationhouse for 110 Pct

Budget woes have forced the city to slow its timetable on a plan to replace the aging 110th Precinct building.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly told City Council members last week that several important capital projects have been delayed. Specifically, $4 million in site acquisition funds and $6.4 million in design funds for construction of a new 110th Precinct house were postponed to fiscal year 2013 and fiscal year 2014, he said.

Kelly has previously said the department was looking at moving the precinct into the park. Some elected and community leaders had been lobbying for an additional precinct in the 1,255-acre park.

While a site for the stationhouse had not been determined, city officials were reportedly eyeing a portion of the New York Hall of Science's parking lot on 111th St., on the edge of the park.

Funds cuts park precinct's plans

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Anonymous said...

The 110 Pct is poorly located and is undermanned. I object to relocating it near the Hall of Science - it is much too far from the southern Pct boundaries.

The 110 could be located on Queens Blvd - a more central location and the busiest area it serves.

slick said...

Correct.. I 100 percent agree with that.

Anonymous said...

The city had a chance to build a new 110 Precinct right on Queens Blvd, next to the McDonald's, and they blew it. It would have been a very centralized area for a station house. Instead, they decided to build yet another school, no more than a daycare for the children of the tweeded.

Anonymous said...

Come to think of it, maybe putting a precinct next to a McDonald's ISN'T a very good idea!

Anonymous said...

Can someone answer me the following: Why is it that funds are not available for a new Precinct but Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz has $64 million dollars for a Amphitheater in Asser Levy Park, Brooklyn for his Summer Concerts. This doesn't smell right. What's more important music or protecting the people of NYC?

Anonymous said...

Leave it where it is. That part of the neighborhood is a cesspool

Anonymous said...

What's more important music or protecting the people of NYC?
Apparently, to the city government, music is.

Anonymous said...

Actually the 110 Pct territory should be divided so that a new Pct (Yeah right) can be created to handle the territories geography wise - the Pct coverage is thin, yet the population, new multi-family buildings, the Parks and the Malls keep expanding. THE 110 IS long past the breaking point if something big occurs.

Anonymous said...

THE 110 IS long past the breaking point if something big occurs.
I agree 100 percent. But let's face it, pretty much every precinct in Queens North is in this predicament, with the ever growing population of the borough.

Anonymous said...

Where O Where is our Borough President. Quiet as usual!!!!