Friday, December 19, 2008

New major at Columbia: eminent domain abuse

At a news conference [yesterday] morning, the Empire State Development Corporation unanimously voted to use the power of eminent domain to seize the remaining commercial holdouts in Columbia's Manhattanville expansion zone. That's bad news for the two property owners who have still refused to sell: storage space owner Nick Sprayregen and gas station owner Gurnam Singh, who can now legally be forced to sell their property to the state, which would then let Columbia take over the land.

New York State Green Lights Eminent Domain in Manhattanville


Anonymous said...

Good ol Columbia is causing a mess and pushing around Harlem neighborhoods which is gonna be a problem for them in the long and short run.Theyve also been warned by a ex professor about the flood zone there building large basements and parking in for the new sprawling buildings.Columbia has plenty of extra space in old buildings they dont use but they want to expand and wreck neighborhoods in the process.

faster340 said...

oh please the powers that be are trying to turn the area into another "Village" like where NYU is so of course they are trying to push everyone out..

Anonymous said...

where will all the drug dealers and money launderers hide their stashes?

Taxpayer said...

I wonder what the asking price was for the property about to be stolen by Columbia?

Oh? There was no asking price? Just the power grab demanded by Columbia, the City Council and Commissar Death and Taxes.

So the property owners were plain and simple victims of felony grand theft?

Anonymous said...

I like the prodevelopment studies that Columbia does.


Anonymous said...

The campus used to be Bloomingdale Assylum. They should move to the new Bloomingdale Assylum on Mamaroneck Ave & Bloomingdale Road near the White Plains Galleria. Then pinko faculty like Leonard Stavisky will stay away.