Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A journalist who cares

By journalism student Sergey Kadinsky:

This is New York in 2008. Goodbye aesthetics, and welcome back functionalism. Where these homes stood, there was once beautiful architecture. Usually, only an affluent neighborhood like Park Slope can muster the clout to prevent ugliness from being built. In my home borough, it’s good to see minority and middle-class neighborhoods speaking out against crapitecture.

Architecture critics praise these new glass boxes. It’s the new black, but from a pedestrian’s point of view, there’s really not much to see here. In my opinion, the glass office boxes are related to the brick boxes. Both lack imagination and design.

Dreaming of a Better Block

I hope Sergey continues to write about this throughout his career.


Anonymous said...

Yes it's ugly, but he cannot always write about this. Not if he wants to make a living.No one cares.

Snake Plissskin said...

If the public is interested in Britney Spears, they are interested in the biggest investment in thier life: their house.

so we must conclude the previous poster is a

1. slum landlord

2. real estate broker

3. politican

4. mod on

5. community board member

6. member of the cau unit

7. someone already living in a desginated community and wants the whole pie for themselves.

Iroquois Pliskin said...

"Anonymous", writers and journalists can choose whatever topic they want to focus on. Unlike you there are some people who care about more important things than making money, namely the greater good.

Don't like it, go waste your Web time with porn instead of sites like this.

Sergey Kadinsky said...

Thanks for the props, Crappy. It's bloggers like you who keep reporters like us on our toes, pushing us to work harder and report things that are often ignored by those in power.

Anonymous said...

To Snake: I'm none of what you mentioned, just a realist.
To Plissskin:I'm sure you make a honest living , at what who knows. But I'm sure you don't do it for free, because you have to pay your bills.
To Scoop Kadinsky:It's not like you unearthed anything knew. Your just piggy backing on other writers work, and getting yourself put on this Blog, which I guess you think is an accomplishment. I'm sure you'll be working for TMZ or The Post when you realize that
you have to pay for your new Xbox on your own and have your parents pay for it. As for porn, isn't this a porn site. They're sure are plenty of a***hole's on it.

Queens Crapper said...

To anonymous assuming asshole:

Sergey is married.
Sergey is in graduate school.
Sergey didn't ask me to post this.
Sergey isn't piggybacking on anyone else's work; he was writing about this before anyone else took notice.
Sergey is a better citizen of this city than you are.

Anonymous said...

I love freedom of speech. Except it doesn't apply on this blog. Thanks for the communist editing BoB.

Anonymous said...

Here is a thought. I have been reading this blog for quite some time and I have a couple of questions to ask: Shouldn't sellers be cautious of the people that buy their homes? Shouldn't these sellers sell to people that would not destroy their streetscape/ neighborhood? Perhaps that is a bit unrealistic. Also, you have to understand that new construction will unlikely be the same as that of a hundred years ago. It is too expensive and labor intensive. Developer's want a cheap and quick profit. Its sad but true. Another thing, why not have an architectural review board for the neighborhoods because the the comm.boards are doing nothing...? I have to admit I disagree with your article. There are many examples of contemporary and historic architecture that can work well together. Its just that the crap in Queens is well crappy...