Friday, December 12, 2008

Hamilton Beach washout

So a Fox 5 News Truck is down here catching the action. Don't know why. I'm kinda stuck in my house surrounded by water. This isn't news for Hamilton Beach - it's a regular thing during the highest tides and when regular high tides are coupled with heavy rains. We watch tide charts to see when we should pull our cars off of the streets and find high ground to park on...
Anyway... here's some photos. Yes, I called in to tell work I was working from home and they didn't believe me so I had to submit photographic proof to them... So I have photos to share.
It was deeper before it got light out (trashcans actually floating around) but those pics suck so these are some after the sun came up and the water receded a little but not enough to drive in...

The Daily News came today. Must be heavy news... It sank.

Yay Queens :)



Anonymous said...

lol I think it's funny that out of the 8 or so photos I emailed over... you ended picking up my 2 favorites and a close 3rd. :)

Those pics were taken at approx 7 this morning. It's almost 11:30 now and street's still under water. SUV's and buses can pass but for those of us with cars and legs... still nothing.


panzer65 said...

Proof that ocean levels are rising, may I suggest a rowboat?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking a kayak just for ease of storage! lol

Anonymous said...

Now that the water has receded some, Fox 5 has come to my street (pictured) and is doing a "story" about it. I don't watch the channel so I don't recognize them. It's just the cameraman and an older grey haired guy reporting. What news? It does this all the time... Must be a slow news day. And nice of them to come to my block AFTER the water's receded hahahaha!

Crappy, you got the story first and the pics to prove it.


Miles Mullin said...

Places of big development, Rockaways, LIC, and Willets Point in another few decades will look like this on a regular basis.

Do you think the developers pushing for tall buildings will be held to remedy this?

Why should they? The need to make a profit. Your taxes - now thats the ticket!

Anonymous said...

At least the Councilman there has firsthand understanding of the problem as the word is the water was lapping at his office door.