Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gotbaum: Illegals CAN'T get benefits (not that we check status)

From Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum and the New York Immigration Coalition’s Guide to Public Benefits for Immigrants:

Many immigrants also worry that a benefits administrator will report them to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This is not true. By law, city agencies are not allowed to ask you about your immigration status or disclose your immigration status to anyone.

Undocumented immigrants cannot get most state and federal public benefits, but these benefits are still available to their citizen children. For example, if you are an undocumented immigrant, you are not eligible for Food Stamps, but you can apply for Food Stamps for your citizen children.

Yes, please come to the USA illegally. We'll look the other way when you subdivide apartments into multiple dwellings and sleep in shifts. Then please multiply. We have a goal of shoehorning at least a million more people here by 2030. Don't worry, we'll feed your kids! The next generation will remember who helped you out each Election Day. Tweeding 101.

For more fun reading, try this:

Undocumented can't get public benefits: guide


Anonymous said...

New immigrant groups don't vote. Ever. If they did, there'd be more than just John Liu in Council.

Wade Nichols said...

The clown who wrote the Daily News article, Albor Ruiz, is being disingenuous at best, and using the worst Orwellian double speak when he says this:

"Yet, the new Guide to Public Benefits for Immigrants in New York City also could perform another great, if unintended, service: It could help dispel some of the myths about how the undocumented take advantage of taxpayers by clogging the rolls of public assistance programs."

1.) He knows that illegals do indeed get all these benefits, because Gotbaum even admits they don't check.
2.) Even if these social service agencies check for mundane things such as ID's, social security numbers, etc., is Ruiz so stupid to not know that you can walk along Roosevelt Avenue and get a fake one from someone standing on a street corner?
3.) If it were indeed REALLY TRUE, that the city agencies checked all the documents, verified social security #'s as being accurate, and ACTUALLY DENIED services to illegals with fake ID's, Ruiz and his paisanos would be RIOTING IN THE STREETS!! He would be crying how inhumane and racist this country is for not giving benefits to illegals!!

So, I call his bluff. Ruiz is full of bovine scatology (BS)!

Miles Mullin said...

Wade, correcto there.

The NY media does a poor job of looking at NY itself - unless of course its to rave about the club scene, tweeded immigrants, or the like ... if they would critique this city the way they are ready to point out faults and pass judgement on the rest of the county this would be a better place.

georgetheatheist said...

The momentous year: 1776

1. The American Declaration of Independence. - Thomas Jefferson

2. An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. - Adam Smith

3. The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. - Edward Gibbon

Is "it" over I ask you? The barbarians are not only at the gate, they are in the city. Will the citizenry arise and stem the flood?

georgetheatheist said...

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana

Anonymous said...

If this is indeed true then why do illegal aliens get Section 8 vouchers? after 1994 one of the three categories for Section 8 eligibility is being a refuge.
the others are homelessness and domestic violence. Section 8 pays 70% of a monthly rent.

go to the apartment buildings near the 65 street subway stop on the R in Woodside. That is a section 8 building chock full of drug dealers with pit bulls and illegal aliens.

why are so many illegal aliens getting this benefit while American citizens are homeless? The reason why so many elderly illegals are here is because they are handed Social Security benefits with out doing a days work in this country. That's not only a monthly check, that's food stamps, Medicaid, and HEAP grants and discounted rides on subway and buses. When they die , the government pays to bury them too.

I have watched the agency that is supposed to assist domestic violence victims, Safe Horizons, turn into a huge scam for illegal aliens.

Why are the rules/laws always twisted for the benefit of illegal aliens? It is bizarre. Americans have no idea how much money and government benefits illegals are getting. On top of working off the books, not paying taxes to city, state or Federal government.

It makes me ill that the Queens Public Library has hundreds of thousands of dollars for their New Americans program.

what about Old Americans? We are being given nothing and being shoved aside. There is a double standard. If we don't have jobs it's our fault but if illegals don't have jobs, at least ones they tell anyone about, they are handed every benefit via their anchor/jackpot babies.

they ought to stop the benefits for the jackpot babies, anchor babies. Look at the Mexican women in Queens, turning out the anchor babies because they get money for every child.

Anonymous said...

Isn't our government guilty of aiding and abetting these criminals? Why do Americans have to show proof and ID for any services that they receive, but these illegal criminals are getting a free pass. Laws should be passed so that these anchor babies have no entitlements. These people need to go back home and if they really want to come to the USA to assimilate, come in the legal way. Our senior citizens have such little income, yet these criminals get everything handed to them. The taxpayers foot the bill. No wonder New York City and State have no money. Imagine how much the city and state could save if we cut these parasites off? If all their services dried up, they would go home. Make English the official language, cut off all translation services and cut off their food stamps. Trust me, they will go home. Enough is enough. Lastly, get rid of the Public Advocate. This is the Biggest Waste of Taxpayer Money.

-Joe said...

WTF is the problem here "undocumenteds" or Illegels" ARE NOT IMMIGRINTS !

They unskilled low class parasite vermin criminals who a such !

When the economy and banks totally go under down in March these animals are going to run amuck to stay alive.