Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Forest Hills LIRR station gets crappier

It's been more than a year since we visited the Forest Hills LIRR station, and despite having said back then, "It should be better taken care of, but if you look at the people actually USING the LIRR at Forest Hills, I don't think you'd be too worried about Forest Hills becoming a ghetto," Forest Hills 72 has now discovered graffiti along with non-canine "fecal matter" on the platform that has been there for days, which sounds exactly like something you would find in a ghetto.

Welcome to Queens in 1990 2008.


Anonymous said...

I live in Jamaica near Queens Blvd. No "fecal matter" or graffiti in my neighborhood. The residents even pick up after their dogs.

Taxpayer said...

Is the station in Katz' district?

If so, maybe the "graffiti" is some legislation she's writing to prevent over development.

And, the "non-canine" fecal matter just may be feline fecal formations representing her signature.

Anonymous said...

According to earlier posts on this blog, the graffitti may be coming from absentee landlords.

But in all honesty, I have seen a huge surge in the homeless population all over queens, so I am not surprised about the "fecal matter". The graffitti....well, I have always seen graffitti around, just stupid kids with nothing better to do. Now that budgets are being slashed all over the place, I think it will be alot less likely that it will be painted over anytime soon. The Murray Hill stop on the LIRR was always a target for Graffitti. In the past couple of years they have been cleaning it relatively quickly.

Queens Crapper said...

Absentee landlords = graffiti on residential buildings.
More temporary renters without a stake in the community = graffiti on everything.

Anonymous said...

I called LIRR about the collapsing wall you see in the picture-- they came the next day and did a paechup-up job. That station needs serious attention! The Gardens population should be up in arms!!!

Forest Hills 72 said...

One of your commenters called Forest Hills a ghetto (and said that we were slobs). I was just saying that the people tagging the LIRR probably weren't the people riding it. That's why in the post I proposed closing the station overnight.

Anonymous said...

"More temporary renters without a stake in the community = graffiti on everything."

So basically, people who rent dont care about graffitti? Not all renters are temporary, and not all renters are the ones tagging residential, (and in this case public) places. Your theory isnt a good one. Sorry. It has less to do with absentee landlords and "temporary" renters, and more to do with society and the values that the younger people who are doing this are taught. Like it or not, this isnt being done by some 20 something from Wyoming who came here and is driving up the rents in our neighborhoods. Their being here isnt the cause for the graffitti.