Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fat lady warming up voice for Atlantic Yards

A spokesman for developer Forest City Ratner said yesterday construction at the Vanderbilt Rail Yards - where an NBA basketball arena and 16 towers are planned - would not resume until a lawsuit against the developer is settled.

Lawsuit puts work on hold at Atlantic Yards, may delay Brooklyn Nets arena

The developer's decision to suspend work last week marks a reversal of an earlier commitment to continue construction despite a barrage of lawsuits that has slowed work on the project.

Forest City Ratner's long-deferred $100 million purchase of the MTA-owned rail yards, meanwhile, has also been delayed by the suit, said DePlasco and MTA officials.


Anonymous said...

Fuck him and his plans! That area doesn't need the mess and Brooklyn doesn't need the Nets when it has the Knicks. Newark needs the Nets. You think that Ratner would realize that once the Knicks get good again, the Nets could be playing in front of peoples' houses in Brooklyn and no one would care about them.

Anonymous said...

Of course, that's assuming the Knicks get good again. With Dolan owning the team, that MIGHT be never

Anonymous said...

Yes these plans are known around the country fairly well and the congestion would be overwhelming of course.Ratner is a slime ball.I hope it keeps stalling for many years to come.

50 cent said...

and the same thing will happen at willets point it will stop