Friday, December 5, 2008

Dedicated Councilpersons

For both Eric Gioia and Bill de Blasio, a seat on the City Council was always supposed to be a stepping-stone.

Mr. Gioia, 35, has been preparing for higher office since his election to the Council seven years ago, and has raised more money since then than all but three of his Council colleagues. Mr. de Blasio, 47, was a White House aide and the manager for Hillary Clinton’s 2000 Senate bid before he decided to run for Council, and is still a respected name in national Democratic circles.

Clash of the Council Inevitables

Vote for Norm Siegel.


Anonymous said...

Yes, NORMAN SIEGAL. Have known him for years and know he is trustworthy, caring, hard working, and I could go on and on. He would definatily make the Public Avocates Office what it was originally supposed to be.

Anonymous said...


Mr. Gioia prides himself on distancing himself from the City Council, saying things like “I avoid the members lounge like the plague”—he said that he was referring to lobbyists and interest groups—and that he’ll run his campaign “not in City Hall, but where the people are.”

...high marks from good-government people like Gene Russianoff, the senior attorney at the New York Public Interest Research Group, and Dick Dadey, executive director of the good-government group Citizens Union, ... “proactive” and could bring “a lot of energy” to the public advocate’s office.


Do you carefully read the except from the above? Quoted from the article. Now go back and read it again, this time slowly.

Now walk around Long Island City.

Gioia Sucks said...

The most dangerous place to be is between Eric Gioia and a camera.