Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cab sharing idea sounds familiar

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan to create a fleet of hybrid taxicabs may have taken a hit by the courts, but there is another way to make cabs more efficient: get more people into one cab.

In that vein, a new company named CabEasy seeks to make cab sharing easier for New Yorkers. On their Web site, users can find other riders going in the same direction they are going, and also find out how much CO2 emissions they will save by sharing a taxi.

Cab Sharing

Riders using a taxi stand on York Ave. in the Upper East Side can take advantage of the only group ride program in the city, which was launched in 1987. If they are traveling to Wall Street, each rider pays $3.50.

The Taxi and Limousine Commission has periodically suggested expanding this program over the years.

We already have these in Queens. They're called dollar vans...

Photo from Inhabitat


CntrySigns said...

I used to live on 76th and York Ave and worked on Pearl Street. These cab shares were great. 4 people get in, they cab get on the FDR, get off down town and drops off along Water (I think) It was sooo much better than walking almost 10 blocks to the train to fight your way down town on an over crowded line and then walk far again when you get down there. But it will only work in a neighborhood where a lot of people are going to the same general area.

Anonymous said...

maspeth mom says....

Why on this Earth would anyone agree to get into a cab with a stranger?
To save $3.00?
Not worth the risk.
Why dont the knuckleheads who suggest this stuff read the newspapers and see how many people in this city get killed by strangers every year?