Friday, December 12, 2008

Bloomberg's free rides

Mayor Bloomberg hasn't reimbursed the city for private use of taxpayer-funded cars in two years - making him the only citywide official not to do so, the Daily News has learned.

The billionaire and other officials asked ethics bosses for guidelines on the use of city cars two years ago, after state Controller Alan Hevesi was forced out of office for abusing the perk.

The Conflicts of Interest Board is stalling on a ruling, leaving them to create individual guidelines.

Bloomberg reimbursed the city $22,828 for the use of his city-supplied SUV when he was campaigning in 2005 - which he plans to repeat when he runs for reelection next year, his spokesman said.

"Our standard is to pay for the full cost of the vehicle in a campaign year even if 90% of the use is for government purposes," spokesman Stu Loeser said.

Until there's a ruling, Bloomberg can do what he likes.

Taxpayers still footing bill for Mayor Bloomberg's personal rides

Photo from NY Times


Anonymous said...

Pay up there buddie.No one rides for free in your..our town.Your bill is way over due and were going to have to cut you off of the teet.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah - Mr. Bloomberg while your raising every possible tax and cutting benefits - Why dont you raise the taxes for limosine use - luxury tax - But no... why tax the rich, ... you phony bastard!

Anonymous said...

Oh come on - the guy works for $1 a year. What other mayor has done that? This is a cheap shot. If I were Bloomie, Id pay for it but aske for my full salary for the 8 years her forfited it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe his ass should be using the subway exclusively like he expects the rest of the city to do.

Anonymous said...

Working for $1 is just a stunt if he doesn't reimburse for private use of the car. He can afford it.

Anonymous said...

fine, if i were him I'd insist on my full salary which would put the city into a bigger hole than some silly SUV usage ever would. There is such an anti-Bloomberg spin to this sight. I say the guy is working for free, let him use the car as much as he wants. we are still coming out ahead.

CntrySigns said...

Aren't we only paying him a $1 a year for being mayor? Isn't that saving us a hell of a lot more than what he owes for the use of cars??

Anonymous said...

Why is it good enough for all the other citywide officials to give back the money, but not him?

Taxpayer said...

Doesn't this refusal to pay make him a common scofflaw?

Commissar Death and taxes refused the salary offered. That refusal does not entitle him to steal other things he wants. He IS stealing from the taxpayers.

Oh, yeah! That's his MO. Stealing land from private owners to transfer it to his wealthy developer cronies. Taking food from the table of the owners and employees of those private businesses. Stealing rebate payments from property owners. Stealing police and fire protection from taxpayers who paid fully for that protection.

He's a common thief and scofflaw.

jerry rotondi said...

I think that a bunch of us
work-a-day taxpayers ought to stand in front of Bloomberg's town house and hitch a ride in "hizzoner's" luxurious limo.

Since we're already paying for it...
what do you think?