Friday, December 5, 2008

Bird crap in the belfreys

Crappy contacted BushwickBK to find out if they knew what the deal was at St. Aloysius in Ridgewood, since you used to be able to see through the belltowers, and now they're boarded up.

The answer was "they’re just cleaning decades of pigeon crap and installing louvers in the opening so that the birds can’t get in there anymore."

Now if they can only get all the clocks to say the same time...

Historic Belltowers Boarded Up — for Cleaning

P.S. This church should have been landmarked when they designated Stockholm Street.


georgetheatheist said...

My neighbors and I have pigeons constantly on our roofs (among other reasons because the people in the factory up the block are feeding them). I tried squirting the birds with my garden hose. But that's only a temporary solution since they eventually come back.

Any solutions from the readers? I'm not adverse to exterminating them.

georgetheatheist said...

The birds. Not the readers.

georgetheatheist said...

(OK. Maybe some of the readers.)

Anonymous said...

A lot of people on my block with common air shafts have put up chicken wire blocking their access.

We need to exterminate them - they are called flying rats.

The problem is those animal nuts.

Wade Nichols said...

Any solutions from the readers?

I had a pigeon that was camping out on top of my air conditioner. I found a picture of a hawk on the Web, copied it, pasted it to MS Word, and printed it (in color). I taped it to the window, and it seems to be working (for now).

But I also read that eventually the pigeons realize it's not an actual hawk, and will be back. (Supposedly those fake hawk statues that people put on buildings have the same problem).

I think I read that those spikey things seem to work, but you probably need a lot of those on your rooftop.

-Joe said...

When I was A kid this guy "The Bird man of Bushwick" on Knickerbocker And George st. This charactor must have had THOUSANDS on his roof in these hut like things.

He would wave this stick with a flag and they would blacken out 1/4 of the sky fling in formation.

I wonder if these Ridgewood birds are decendents. Many make nests under the M train above the old trolly ROW.
I know that church well. I used to set in the old Bohack (Grandview and Dekalb ?) parking lot in the car with my grandfather wile my mom went shopping.

You could see the bells moving and ringing.
There was always touble with the birds sounds like they are selling the bells and putting amplified PA Horns. You play them through a laptop or automated timer and pre-programmed ROM plugins

The church has been doing this all over the country.

Old forged Brass church bells command $5K to 1Million dollars