Saturday, December 13, 2008

Avella introduces parrot protection bill

I am told that Tony Avella, a NY City council member with an outstanding 100 percent score on the League of Humane Voters checklist, is putting together a bill to protect the wild Quaker Parrots of Brooklyn and New York City, and that he plans to introduce such a bill before National Bird Day (January 5, 2009). While the final language of this bill has not yet been formulated, it will protect our beloved wild parrots from the poaching and other inhumane treatment that have afflicted wild parrot flocks in the past several years.

Click here to find out more: Breaking News: Wild Quaker Parrot Protection Bill Moves Forward in NY City Council -- But Your Help is Needed For It To Pass!


Anonymous said...

waste of time and money . Protect people instead.

Jason in Kew Gardens said...

These are gorgeous birds. For those who haven't been to Greenwood Cemetery recently, these little guys have constructed several nests in the entrance to the grounds. It really is wonderful that a parrot native to South America can stand the winters here. Unfortunately, they are susceptible to poaching, as they're worth about $250 a piece. Every effort should be made to protect the limited animal life we have in the city.