Sunday, November 9, 2008

Queens subway perv arrested

Alleged Photographed Queens Flasher Arrested
By: NY1 News

An accused Queens subway flasher was arrested yesterday yesterday afternoon.

Police picked up Peter Tamayev, 53, at his Queens home yesterday afternoon and charged him with public lewdness.

Police say Tamayev is the man in a cell phone photo that was taken by a woman after she said he exposed himself to her on Queens-bound V train last month.


Anonymous said...

It had to be Queens. You just saw him and knew, right?

Anonymous said...

Pinky was overheard asking "What the hell is the big deal?"

Anonymous said...

when I first read the heading,
I thought that "Pinky" Gallagher
had slumped to some new lows!

Who'd want to check out his
"little baldy" anyway?