Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Space Monsters plead guilty

Queens strippers guilty of using two underage girls in romps
By Nicole Bode

A pair of Queens strippers pleaded guilty Friday to luring a pair of underage girls into repeated sex romps.

Married couple Julio Rojas, 32, and Sophie Soto, 23, seduced the teens through the MySpace Web site, plied them with alcohol and took advantage of the two during repeated orgies at their Corona apartment between November 2006 and May 2007, prosecutors said.

The sex-crazed pair also led the girls in a striptease at a Manhattan club, where patrons were invited to get involved, prosecutors said. The twisted trysts ended when the girls told their parents, authorities said.

Rojas - who was also charged with seducing a minor in a separate 2005 case - pleaded guilty before Queens Supreme Court Justice Daniel Lewis to two counts of rape. He is expected to be sentenced to eight years in prison.

Soto faces two to six years in prison.


italian girl said...

It should make her feel really good that her husband is constantly seeking other girls and younger too. She was probably one of his first victims considering she's only 23.

Twisted - both of them.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess.
Guatemalans ?

....The Catholics Egan and the pope want a piece of

Anonymous said...

two degenerates

Anonymous said...

Nothing to see here folks....vibrancy and diversity in action......move along......

Anonymous said...

hate these two they are minipulative disgusting cold hearted people. sophie does anything to please that sick freak she deserves all the time in prison .