Friday, November 14, 2008

Major shock: Developer lies about plans

The group fighting the proposed luxury mall in Syosset is accusing the developer of deceiving the public about the size of the mall.

Foes of Syosset mall accuse developer of deceit

Todd Fabricant, chairman of the Cerro Wire Coalition, a group of home and business owners who oppose the mall proposed for the north side of the Long Island Expressway at Exit 43, said a document recently filed in court by Michigan-based developer Taubman Centers Inc. indicates the size of the shopping center would not be reduced from 860,000 to 750,000 square feet - as the group said it had been told - but would actually be bigger.

According to the document, the mall would have 750,000 square feet of gross leasable area, the actual amount of retail store space. Fabricant said the group had been led to believe that 750,000 was the gross floor area, or the total square footage of the structure.

While two department stores would be smaller than in the original plan and some retail space would be lost to public and service areas, the mall's actual footprint would increase.

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Anonymous said...

Yet another mall is all Long Island needs to weather the recession. In today's upside-down world spending cures recessions, you gotta believe it!