Friday, November 14, 2008

Billionaire asshole destroys fragile habitat

The billionaire owner of the nation's priciest land parcel has suspended construction work on his beachfront Further Lane property after East Hampton Town last week investigated claims an environmentally protected sand dune had been bulldozed and hauled away.

East Hampton says billionaire landowner bulldozed dune

Lawyers for financier Ronald Baron, who owns the property through a trust, said he agreed to suspend work as a courtesy to the town, even though nearly all of the excavation work is done, and a concrete retaining wall lies in place of the dune. The 40-acre waterfront parcel was sold last year to Baron, a Forbes-listed billionaire, for $103 million, a U.S. record.

On Friday, an attorney for Baron, Leonard Ackerman of East Hampton, disputed the notion that the dune was environmentally protected, calling it "a pile of dirt."

But Larry Penny, director of natural resources for East Hampton Town, begged to differ. He said the 100-yard-long, 15-foot-high dune was in fact a 3,000-year-old "fossil dune," which requires a natural resources special permit to change in any way.


Anonymous said...

just like Queens but this time
in the posh Hamptons for a change!

Ass-wipes abound anywhere!

cawiii said...

And sometime soon, maybe this winter, maybe in a year or two, a good old-fashioned nor'easter is going to make a call on the East End, hang around for two or three days and strip the sand from in front of his oversized beach shack, damage made worse because of the removal of buffering dunes.

Then, with his new mansion in imminent danger of becoming blackfish habitat on the next moon tide, the idiot will begin screaming to the county, the state, the feds and everyone else who might listen that "his" beach is in need of immediate "replenishment" in order to avoid multi-million dollar economic loss to real property. And so he will expect, and maybe get, millions of dollars of hard-earned taxpayer dollars to dredge sand offshore and put it in front of his waterside eyesore, sand that he will then do his best to keep you from walking on, fishing from or otherwise enjoying, despite the fact that you paid for it and have access rights to (at least below the mean high water mark) pursuant to the Public Trust Doctrine.

The current economic hard times provide the perfect reason to end the government-supported flood insurance program, that does little but provide idiots and excuse to build monuments to their ego on soft and shifting sands--and to do it at your expense. But don't expect it to happen anytime soon. The beach-replenishment mafia has deep roots, and they're nourished by the rich manure of the political establishment.

Anonymous said...

My parents live out there year round. They tell me that you can build anything you want--get a varience, that is--by just paying people off. People build monstrosities right on the dunes, violating every ordinance with impunity, because they paid the right people. The towns want the money. That's where this a-hole went wrong!

-Joe said...

anything you want--get a varience, that is--by just paying people off.
Yep The Town of East Hampton is just as currupt as the Bloomberg adm.
The only thing they enforce out there is DWI.
I had a place in rid of it. (to many Yuppies and trash Irish summer work staff atop the curruption)
I live 1/2 in Mattituck now, they dont put up with multcultural crap there. The schools are even open on Jewish Holidays. Everbody has guns (You wont find a Skel or Hispanic on the street after dark.

About the topic:
I think that was Jerry Sienfelds old property.
Jerry Sienfeld sold that and baught Billy Joels old house and bulldozed that as well (Hand sculpted wooded walls, library and all).
Now sits a Hollywood stucco POS with a huge car port garage.
(Billy Joel baught John McEnrowe's estate off Glen Cove Neck)

Yep these assholes make a mess out of everthing they touch just like Katz and her Buk Jews cash cows in Forest Hills.

I pray for a good hurrcaine, and its coming !!

Anonymous said...

Thought we would hear what Wade has to say about how smart it it to build right on the beach.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a Wal-mart parking lot. Not much class.

-Joe said...

A Wal-Mart like Lot is 2 doors to the West.
Interesting how the Town of East Hampton crys about the "Fossle Dune".

Just some years back 500 yards West they built huge parking lot with 2 beach sections.
East and West
(West for all the E Hampton and Sag Harbor finocchi's)
This parking lot also extends SOUTH of the road all the way to the water line.

Cops have now there hands full dispersing sodomy in those dunes at night.
Im told the milionare who did this is also another finocch fag friend of David Geffin next door.

The whole this is visable from space or Google Earth just west of this property.

....They get $15 bux a car during summer.
East Hampton and ESPECIALLY Sag Harbor is already shot out with rich weirdos and traffic, no great loss IMHO

Anonymous said...

Cops have now there hands full dispersing sodomy in those dunes at night.
Im told the milionare who did this is also another finocch fag friend of David Geffin next door.?????
That sort of weakens what you had to say.