Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Great news from the Paterson administration

Read it and weep: Governor Paterson’s Special Session Proposal


Joe said...

Hes cutting the crap out of services the illegals suck on.
2 Billion $$ ?
Ousta La Vesta (whatever spelling) blood suckers !!

.....Im for free one way bus service send to Jersey or Ct. Enough with this bootdello city B.S!!

Anonymous said...

The city and bloomterd havent paid the small 15% they add to the MTA so theres a huge little part there trying to have people forget.Otherwise the fare hike would be 2.25 per ride,not 3 bucks a ride.Excuse the post if it doesnt fit exactly with the topic but its close.
Otherwise cut away Paterson but take it easy on the schools.Maybe take a pay cut NYC and state govt officials and no back room deals for bloomie to make money off real estate deals.Gotta watch bloomie Paterson because he lies and does some cute Orwelian speak.Now suck in those belts everyone for the cause of the billionaires being able to do whatever they want in NYC.