Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gennaro campaign playing the race card

The audacity of the GOP to not want to count the votes of unregistered voters!

Austin Shafran: "As their lead dwindles, the Republican party is disenfranchising voters based on race. This is outrageous, and it's undemocratic."

Hey Austin, didn't you recently tell the media that Padavan's lead had grown slightly?

Democrats are accusing Republicans of treating ballots submitted by minorities with a different standard, saying the GOP isn't challenging ballots from white voters that could be challenged for the very same discrepancies.

Well now this is pretty laughable. Logic would dictate that Republicans would want any ballot that's marked for Gennaro tossed and vice versa.

Read Juan Gonzalez' column about the mess and you'll find even he couldn't come up with a valid example of a legitimate voter whose properly filled out ballot was tossed out.

So did Shafran graduate from the McLaughlin or Stavisky School of Tweeding?


Anonymous said...

Is Austin Shafran related to Phyllis
Shafran (an old Donald Manes "girl") who worked for Brian Mc Laughlin?

Anonymous said...

This blog took the story out of context. The Dems beef is that whenever they see an asian or hispanic name they want to invalidate the vote for silly reasons (see Daily News article) but if the same mistakes are made by "white names" then the Republicans have not made any oppositions.

So isn't that racism? Because you are hispanic the assumption is that your vote is illegal?

Anonymous said...

or lester shafran who went down as part of the manes/parking bureau scandal?

Queens Crapper said...

No it wasn't taken out of context.

If the mistakes were made by "white names" but they voted for Padavan, I would expect the GOP to not ask for it to be invalidated, but that the Dems would. This is how hand counts work.

italian girl said...

Good luck Sen. Padavan!

Gennaro = Slimeball

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry...but Gennaro also played the Sexism card in his campaign....or did some people miss that? Gennaro's campaign was all about lies and deceit ...

saying that Padavan voted against women's issues? Give me a break! The Stavisky Parkside Group knows how to spin lies!

In reality, Padavan is the hard worker who works for families, men and women. Gennaro goes out and gets his picture taken.

Sad to say that Gennaro might win it but the fact that he is struggling to win when the Democrats took everything else so easily is actually testiment to Padavan's true strength and hard work for all people -- Democrats & Republicans!

Anonymous said...

Genarro is a cult zombie, taking orders from a dead con man,Chinmoy Ghose.

Anonymous said...

gennaro can completely thank obama for even coming close to padavan. we don't need or want you here gennaro. get lost.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is that sleazy
goombah Gennaro is going to lose
when all the votes are counted.

He only rode in on the Democratic party's coat tails.

Sorry you "oinkers"
at the clubhouse got your hopes up!

Jimmy "the gent"
is a proven neighborhood buster.

As a councilman,
he's already sold out the communities that he's supposed to represent to the developers!