Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Debunking Cooper's poop theory

For your records I submit proof:

Somebody was up to deck 1 of the NYSP today. There is no "bird crap" in sight if you step on the sides of the steps and use the handrails. They are the same as they were years ago.
To get to the top deck you climb into staircase 1 up to deck 1 then cross over to the deck 2 staircase walk up to deck 2 and cross to the deck 3 staircase.

There is no staircase in the highest tower 3. It was filled with counterweights and cables. I do not believe Estelle Cooper ever stepped into this structure. Estelle's been fibbing or reading made up stories.



Anonymous said...

Hmmmm ... Yep NO bird poop !

Thats rust from neglect !
After 40 years of neglect Id expect much worse !!
Jeez the original paint can still be seen !
I guess this confirms the "orgy" story up there last summer

Whats the story Estelle ?

Ace Frehley said...

Cooper likely observed the lower steps by the entry doors, those steps ARE shot however not from birdshit.
However is was enough to spin the BS Story to the press IMHO
"See No Evil Speak No Evil"

Vandals stole the lower (about 15 20 feet) copper drainage pipes over the years so it IS all rust at the bottom from spraying improper dranage.
Now add your "EXPERTS" billing the city $25,000 change a lightbulb...Ehh

I still don’t recommend anybody mountaineering those towers. To many of those step threads are like potato chips.
You may get up but not safly grapple back down (alive)before the cops come !!

Anonymous said...

nice work, Joe. keep climbing. Why didn't you bring a banner?

Anonymous said...

One of the construction workers who was working on the NYSP cleanup back in September told a friend of mine that new stairs were installed in Tower 2. This seems to be false information. Any way to confirm? Also, I think that photo of the stairs is not so recent, since the workers removed all of those lighting fixtures from the slots on the tower.
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