Monday, November 3, 2008

Fresh Meadows flooded after water main break

From Fox 5:

Several blocks in Queens are under water.

A water main broke early Monday morning in Fresh Meadows engulfing several blocks.

The street partially caved in at 184th Street and 56th Avenue.

Watch video: Water Main Break In Queens


Anonymous said...

which crappy commenter will find a way to spin this as an anti development, anti illegal immigrant issue?

Taxpayer said...

One more failure from Commissar Death and Taxes. And he wants more time to continue failing?

As far as illegal ALIENS goes (no such thing as an ILLEGAL immigrant), the problem with this water main break is that it failed to drown them out from Fresh Meadows. Too Many illegal ALIENS making too many demands on our water system.

And, too much uncontrolled over-development that brings in too many people - legal and illegal - who make uncontrolled demands on our water system.

Anonymous has some guilty knowledge.