Monday, November 3, 2008

Bloomberg's bad jokes make Maltese smile

After asking the audience to guess his age, Bloomberg said, “I am so old, even I can’t remember.” And he wasn’t done. “I am 66. But here’s the question. How old is my mother?”

But Seriously, Folks: Bloomberg Stumps for Maltese

After fielding some guesses from the children and adults, Bloomberg gave them the answer (99) and finally got around to politicking. “Anyways, if my mother was here, she would say thank you to Senator Maltese because he really helped get this done,” Bloomberg said, jabbing his finger into the podium. The crowd applauded. Maltese smiled and waved.

Bloomberg spent a moment being earnest. Then he quickly went back to entertaining the crowd.

“Let me tell you how old Senator Maltese is. There’s nobody that remembers how old he is. But he’s been the senator for twenty years, is that right?” Bloomberg said, turning to Maltese, who briefly looked surprised before recomposing his face into a grin.

Bloomberg spoke for a few more moments (“If I lived here, I would vote for him. But I live in Manhattan, so I can‘t”), stood around for Maltese’s remarks (“Don’t eat too much candy. It’s an idle request. I’m Senator Serf. Have a great day.”) and then left.

Outside the church, without Maltese, Bloomberg was chatty. He spoke to a boy dressed as a football player who wants to play in college (“I had a cousin, long since dead, who went to Rutgers,” Bloomberg told him).

Ever feel like this city is just one big bizarro world?

Photo from Daily News


Taxpayer said...

To get the Commissar's endorsement and support, Maltese had to promise to FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! to seize private property in order to give it to wealthy PRIVATE, PROFITABLE developers.

Maltese had to promise to support letting the taxpayer take the risks and pick up the tab for failed projects, and let the wealthy developers take all the profits and long-term tax concessions.

What the hell! Maltese had to promise to bend over for the developers.

Maltese has to go! He can retire to Willets Point and live in one of the "affordable" condos that the Commissar plans to have built for the newly arriving illegal aliens.

He deserves retirement.

Addabbo deserves the opportunity to serve.

Anonymous said...

If King Bloomy's for Serf, then I'm for Addabbo.

Anonymous said...

ditto, Bloomberg is a pig and so is that political whore, Maltese.

Anonymous said...

Maltese has shown his true colors during this campaign. He's a foul old fowl. Throw him out tomorrow and throw his pal Bloomy out next year.

Anonymous said...

I took my kid to Christ the Kings open house where is is on the board. He made some opening remarks that left me thinking he was on the verge of going senile. Kept using the wrong words and switching around the people, then self correcting himself. Kooky, is the word is would use to describe that whole scene.

Anonymous said...

hey crappy, i don't think he's smiling anymore. even his billionaire buddy bloomturd couldn't save him.