Friday, August 15, 2008

Willets Point debate, press conference & truck rally

Councilman Hiram Monserrate will be debating Jack Friedman from the Queens Chamber of Commerce about Willets Point tonight at 7pm on NY1.

Wednesday, August 20th at 5pm sharp, Mr. Monserrate will lead a press conference at 36th Avenue and 126th Street. A pre-game truck rally will follow. Please come out to support the businesses and landowners of Willets Point.


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Erect one of these on top of House of Spices. Better yet, get the union rat and stick it on top of the building and paste Helen Marshall's face on it.

Anonymous said...

No I got a better idea...

Contact 5 Pointz and get the boys to do murals on your buildings depicting each tweeder stealing your property. The photobloggers love that crap and it will be all over the 'Net by the end of the week.

Anonymous said...

Have each crown container painted with a different theme, too. They are placed on city streets where lots of people see them.

Anonymous said...

How about we fashion the likenesses of the members of the granny brigade into giant pinatas and we can invite kids to beat them with a stick until the money they're stuffed with falls out?

Anonymous said...

Make that NY Mets baseball bats instead!

Anonymous said...

"Make that NY Mets baseball bats instead!"

No one can afford those!!!

Anonymous said...

any protesters should were biohazard suits

the place is unsafe for humans

Anonymous said...

how many of you supposed zealot blog posters will show up??

my guess is none.. especially if it rains..

so much easier to bitch and moan on a blog.

Anonymous said...

Hiram's hands are so deep in the WPIRA pockets i imagine he wont mention the thousands of citations for various violations the city will eventually start to enforce and collect.

i imagine he wont talk about the illegal dumping by the junk yard and chop shop operators in the Iron Triangle and about the thousands of jobs that will be open to the people of Corona, Flushing and Jackson Heights when the place gets built out.

the city should put these wanna be mobsters out of business and in jail where they belong..

laying down with whores gives you stinky diseases hiram.

Anonymous said...

Wow watch the jowls on the Parkside shills twitter. They are losing. Notice how, in their talking points, they always mention the wonderful job creation which will occur by shutting down existing business'? They demonize middle-class businessmen, makin a living, to prop up the fantasies of fat cat developers.

Their response? 'Well there are no fat cat developers mentioned yet'.

NYC announces a plan to develop land before they know who will develop it and how existing landowners will be compensated for the land grab.

Hackneyed shills of local politicians call legit business owners, 'wanna be mobsters that should be in jail'.

The businessmen of WP will be made whole, and these shills will be revealed.

Mick Shane said...

Why don't all the 'anonymous's' grow up, get real jobs and contribute to society instead of defending your nonsensensical idolatry of the NY Mets. Wilpon doubles prices, builds a smaller stadium and you grovel to him and join his quest to remove WP so 'there are more enjoyable sights for your ocassional sojourn to his taj mahal.

What supercilious asses. Watching a bunch of over-paid malcontents throwing baseballs around is an exercise as noteworthy as bowling. Read a book, go to a museum, a library, teach a child or volunteer at a hospital.

If the Mets win the world series, you get SHIT!.. Wilpon make another 50 million dollars, and you get the right to have 4-5 beers somewhere and chant .."we won, we won"...OH NO, Wilpon won. You just WATCHED!

Anonymous said...

Hiram's hands are so deep in the WPIRA pockets i imagine he wont mention the thousands of citations for various violations the city will eventually start to enforce and collect.

A shadow of what the clubhouse does. A shadow....

Anonymous said...

the politicians havent spent the last 50 years pouring used motor oil, hydraulic fluid, cleaners and cleaners, gasoline and antifreeze adn heavy metals into the environment of Willets Point.

its the so called legitimate businesses who have racked up thousands upon thousands of health and safety violations for their unsafe and uncaring business practices.

Not to mention federal racketeering and organized crime activities.

at least these so called fat cat developers work within the law

Anonymous said...

What has Soni been dumping into the Creek? Curry powder?

"at least these so called fat cat developers work within the law"

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Oh my God I think this tweeder actually believes the nonsense he writes.

Anonymous said...

Soni is the biggest hypocrite of them all..

arrived in WP in 1990 as a part of the city's efforts to reshape the area from its chop shop junk yard image he received NO interest rate loans, scores of tax breaks and assistance. he supposedly didnt know there weren'e any seers in WP before he signed his deal..

now he claims to be sooo entrenched in the fabric and culture of WP he cant move UNLESS he receives adequate compensation.. please.. he arrived because of gov't grants now he wants to hold up that same govt that enabled him to build his business..


Anonymous said...

i predict Soni's House of Spices is the next WPIRA member to accept a deal, relocate and flourish

Anonymous said...

Soni hasnt racked up violations.

Its the chop shops and junk yards that occupy the majority of the land in WP

IF your too blind to see that you are beyond help.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Love your "way" of doing politcs in NYC shitty.

faster340 said...

to anonymous

"at least these so called fat cat developers work within the law"

keep dreaming idiot!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Bitching & moaning" on a blog reaches as many people as making a appearance....even more !

Want to guess at "Queens Crap's" CPMs?

That means circulation per million
for non professional idiots like yourself!

But many of us will be there.

Anonymous said...

I believe 5 Pointz is a not for profit org. which bars them from making political statements Mr. S.

BUT, there are plenty of aerosol artists out there who might be willing to paint (with permission of course) any Crown waste dumpsters.

Just put out the call.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the if the junkyards remain, it will inspire the Mets to rise above their crappy playing level
lest they be called the junkyard team.

They're just jealous of the Yankee's long term excellence and are blaming their lousy record on the scrapyards across the street.

"Duh...uh...How can we be expected to play good looking at those busted up cars all the time".

You can try keeping your eye on the ball, like they always say !

Anonymous said...

Greatest collaps in baseball still equals Yanks up 3 and 0 in a championship series and then lose to the Sox. Still havent had that moxie since, And with a 250 mil payroll, their GM says - wait til next year. Queens will take the Mets and be happy.

Anonymous said...

"That means circulation per million
for non professional idiots like yourself!"

Just don't smirk when you are standing on the corner selling me that paper, tough guy.

Anonymous said...

anybody get any footage of that debate? hiram vs friedman. the joint at the point!

Anonymous said...

I don't need to get tough with anyone.

That's what my lawyer gets paid to idiot!

Ask your if he wants to "put up his dukes"!

Anonymous said...

There are just too many holes in
the selling job that Bloomberg, Shulman and Parkside are pushing for WP.

Expect massive delays (probably even cancellation of this shady project)!

As developers often say,
"Time is money".

And it's already costing these crooks a bundle!

Their arrogance did not allow for
a longer time frame to steal all that land.

Sorry it won't happen overnight Frau Shulman!

A project postponed is a project defeated!

Keep up the fight against those
eminent domain abuse bastards!
The odds can win!

These brigands have yet to learn that they're not dealing with a bunch of girl scouts!