Sunday, August 17, 2008

What happens when you waste A/C

Con Edison has produced this flier to explain how much money and resources are wasted by businesses that prop open their doors in the summertime.


Miles Mullin said...

How about some leadership from the three tenors, Pe-tah, Mi-cool, and EriK.

Naw, you would have to tell the people in their districts that they would take some responsibility.

Hell, who knows where this will lead - perhaps even comments that you cannot shoehorn six people in your basement?

Jeff with one 'f' said...

How much money and resources are wasted when landlords are forced to steam-heat buildings on warm days in October and March? City living means having open windows during the winter!

Wade Nichols said...

Hmmmm....funny how the city is suddenly interested in shutting doors!

The open doors at the southern border? Of course not!

Bloomberg says: "Let's focus our attention and energy on the real culprits! Those business owners who keep their front doors open! Yes! That's the main issue facing our city today! Just think of all the extra revenue we can generate from issuing fines to these bastards! Why, we'll be able to buy 50 additional textbooks for our crappy public schools!"