Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's a Karl Fischer project, and it's crap

From Gowanus Lounge:

...even as the building has moved into the marketing phases, the bizarre cinder-blocked spaces at sidewalk level have remained...To us, nothing says luxury like painted over cinder-block block holes.

Did you guys realize that the typical Queens Crap brought to us by fly-by-night developers is on par with a world renowned architect like Karl Fischer? Damn, maybe Borough Hall should rethink the strategy of promoting our lame museums and instead switch focus to Queens Crap walking tours.


Anonymous said...

Maybe produce a "Queens Crap" news/documentary highlighting the architectural "crem-d'-la-crap" of our borough.

That ought to discourage any ideas foreign visitors might have of wasting any time touring 4th rate Queens (as if they would in the first place).

It could air on QPTV's channel 47 etc. and the producers would be protected from lawsuit under the first amendment.

If Beep Marshal can't be persuaded to host the opening ceremony, then "Crappy" can.

Wadda ya think? Perhaps a slide show on Q.C.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a barren waste land from some post WWIII movie.

Anonymous said...

Even putting aside the cinder blocks, which are hopefully temporary, what the hell are those iron grates?

Is Karl inspired by prison architecture?