Friday, August 8, 2008

Special elections are in the cards

This is just the beginning of the city’s political exodus — a result of term limits. If council members are victorious in all of these races, the city will see six special elections before next year’s city election primary in September.

Council Special Elections on the Horizon?

Special elections, as we have reported extensively, usually give the incumbent — no matter how short-lived his or her tenure may be — an advantage when he or she goes to serve a full term. They often have far lower turnouts than regular contests, and carry an estimated cost of between $350,000 and $400,000.

For the council races that could become special elections, a total of 17 candidates have already emerged. The largest pool is for Gennaro’s seat, where there are four contestants.

New York City voters should expect at least one post-fall-pre-city-special-election next year, because Monserrate (who won party backing instead of Democratic incumbent John D. Sabini) is running unopposed.

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Taxpayer said...

There's a rumor that Como is dropping out because of the heat over his McMansion violations, and the fact that he retained pervert Gallagher's staff as well as Katz' Chief of Staff.

Very stupid fellow. Far too close to Gallagher.

Plus, he knows he will lose to Dizzie Lizzie. He'll take the cowards way out.

Anonymous said...

I doubt he is dropping out. He beat Crowley in a 3 to 1 Dem to Rep district. Do some math and add the 2 Dems total votes and then add the 2 Reps total votes. If Ognibene wasnt in it, Crowley would have been embarrassed, which will happen in November.

Anonymous said...

That analysis might hold water if it wasn't a special election in the middle of the summer with a low voter turnout. How many even knew there was an election?

Anonymous said...

June 3rd middle of the summer? Not really because public school was still going on so families were not on vacation. Unless there is a Republican conspiracy because they turned out more. Can't wait to see how Liz runs under Obama's name on the ballot this year.