Friday, August 8, 2008

Queens subway station ranked the worst

50 subway stations were ranked by their conditions from the passenger’s perspective. Here are the top 5 worst:

01. Beach 90th St (A,S)
02. 149th St-Grand Concourse (4)
03. 138th St-Grand Concourse (4,5)
04. Jay St/Borough Hall (A,C,F)
05. 103rd St (6)

The rest of the list may be accessed here: New York City Transit Riders Council Says Subway Stations In Disrepair

TransitBlogger gives his Thoughts On The New York City Transit Riders Council Report:

I just took a look over the 50 stations inspected to make sure I did not miss anything. I ask who in their right mind does not include some of the worst conditioned stations in their inspection plans. Where was the inspection of such eyesores such as:

Chambers Street (J.M,Z)
East 143rd Street-St. Mary’s Street (6)
Bowery (J,M,Z)
Any & I mean any of the stops along the Sea Beach corridor (N)
21st Street-Van Alst (G)
Fordham Rd (B, D)
Mosholu Parkway (4)
Smith-9th Street (F, G)
4th Avenue-9th Street (D, F, M, N, R)


Transit Blogger said...

Thank you for taking the time to link to my posts about the recently release NYCTRC report. I appreciate the gesture! :)

I'd love it if you could link to my blog on your sidebar. I'll definitely return the favor.

Taxpayer said...

Is that a photo of a dirty urinal?

Queens Crapper said...

Okay, Transit Blogger!

Transit Blogger said...

Hello Queens Crapper & Taxpayer,

Thank you for fulfilling my request Q.C. I will update my blog later today to return the favor.

Tax: To answer your question, the picture you see in this entry is a black&white shot of part of the station wall on the uptown side of the East 143rd St.-St. Mary's St. station.