Monday, August 11, 2008

Serf openly admits to tweeding

From the Daily News:

Addabbo's campaign manager, Jill DesRosiers, was dispatched from Council Speaker Christine Quinn's office. His press secretary, Alexis Grenell, parachuted in from the state Sen. Jeff Klein's office...

Maltese has not gotten a similar influx of GOP campaign guns, but he said he will instead draw on paid consultants and volunteers from the 227 groups he funds with grants.

He bristled at the notion that he is the most vulnerable GOP senator.

"That puts me in a very good position to secure funding from not only the Senate, but many of the groups that I have been helping in the past," he said.

This elected official just admitted to a newspaper that he plans to engage in blatant quid pro quo in order to win re-election! Who says there aren't honest politicians these days?

From The Daily Gotham:

It's a sweet gig if you can get it: get yourself elected, then dole out member items to constituent groups, and use their free labor and other resources to keep getting re-elected. Garnish with campaign mailers you send out for free, and voila - the perfect cocktail for permanent incumbency. Sure, there's a fly in the ointment in that this is technically illegal, but that's never stopped a republican Senator before.

Check out the ads that accompanied this article, BTW.


Anonymous said...

Aging "Don" Serph
is getting a little soft in the head.

He ain't the mob boss he used to be!

Anonymous said...

Serf's done nothing but pander to special interests for years. He doled out more than 2 million of taxpayer money this year to his groups of "volunteers." Sort of makes him a hypocrite when he rails on about taxes.

Taxpayer said...

Remember: This same Maltese was the employer and MENTOR of both Hog Como (He of the monstrous house fitted with more than 27 unresolved DOB violations and more than 6 unresolved and ignored Stop Work Orders) and the Great Sexual Offender himself - P Gallagher.

So, knowing just that slice of history, what would make anyone vote for this ancient criminal?

Anonymous said...

Como is Serph's little homo!

(Maybe "M" is really just a closet chubby chaser).

Anonymous said...

Serf's an aging fraud who's doled out dollars to his pals for years and who has rarely shown up with anything substantive to say in most areas of his district. He's been content to figuratively wrap himself up in a flag, send out birthday greetings, and sit back to watch Constance draw pics. Our neighborhoods are going down the tubes and he's rambling like it was still the 1950's. He's been out to pasture for a long time now it's time to make it official.

Anonymous said...

Hey taxpayer, you dont understand is that republicans just lie better but they are the master robber barons who can hide eminent domain and land grabs better than democrats.Sorry the other post was full and these all seem to be biased so ill stick it here.So taxpayer(god thats cute and arrogant sounding) and truman quit speaking out both sides of your ass because the republicraps have sold out EVERY city in this country in the last 7 years taking land for new stadiums and mallification.This bias makes you sound like a drug addled limbaugh.

Anonymous said...

This is how he and Ognibene keep themselves on the Board of Trustees of Christ the King Public High School in Middle Village. This arrangement allowed Ognibene to sell pornography through an online service in the high school's former convent until one wise resident got him evicted and he moved out like a thief in the middle of the night.