Monday, August 11, 2008

From a Forest Hills realtor

Hi to all my friends,neighbors and clients...i know its been a couple of weeks and some of you "lovingly" sent me emails reminding me ! i was away and when i got back i hit the ground running...for such a slow market, we have been very fortunate to still have so much activity in our area...the skeptics are realizing that their favorite house is not just sitting there till it hits rock bottom but instead is selling at a good market value...I'm not disagreeing with the experts that we are in a recession, but the houses in Forest Hills are still much higher in value than they were 5 years ago as opposed to our neighbors in Queens...Like i said before, it's not a Flipping time but time to invest for at least 5 years to see a substantial rise. I still think real estate is a better investment than the stock market...i rather enjoy my money as it grows, than play Russian Roulette with it...
Well I visited Atlas Terminal Mall the other day after a few weeks, and expected the usual tumbleweed to blow through, but to my surprise it was pleasantly filled with shoppers and families buzzing by the fountain...the restaurants were filled and you actually had to wait a few minutes for a table...i was much was invested in this mall for our community and we really should support kids would kill me if they knew i said this but they actually ask me to take them there just so they could run through the course they are too old but heck i run through with them and we get cooled off and then go to Orange ( a great little restaurant right in the fountain area)...Another one of our favorite family (and also romantically fun) place is Shiro Japanese Restaurant... you will laugh and eat all in one ! ! You are seated on a table of 10 people (strangers, unless you are a group of ten) then they take your order, the chef arrives to your table with his materials in a cart and the show begins ! they grill they make jokes and perform with the food and eat, laugh, and talk to strangers ! ask for the Shiro Card so you could get 10 percent off your meal on certain days...definitely worth a try ! For Delicious Italian Cuisine, and Comfortable atmosphere i highly recommend Pasticcio's Restaurant ! Well i also made another find that was pleasantly surprising...Chico's ....I know, I know... i also thought its a place my mom would shop but i honestly found some really great stuff !! They are having a 50 % off their already 50 % off stuff !!! i got some great linen pants and skirts ! ;for 20 dollars and less ! i know i sound like an advertisement.. hehe..but really they have good quality clothes that are pretty simple so they could be dressed up with reminds me of the Gap but better quality and you wont see yourself coming down the street on Austin ! hehe... i got simple, solid skirts and pants and dressed them up with my own style tops...i love the fact they are mostly lined.. also they have a funny size system that makes you feel skinny a size 1 hehe...sometimes a .5 ! you'll seeeee... the women there must work on commission cuz they are sooooo helpful, i almost had to beat her out of my dressing room..hehe... but seriously, check it out cuz i was pleasantly surprised...happy shopping !



Really makes you want to trust her with your multi-million dollar home sale or purchase, doesn't it? Ah, GiGi... Where's Maurice Chevalier when you need him?


Anonymous said...

What a slice of phony baloney!

That's just a bored summer crowd visiting Atlas Mall.

Be sure to check it out this coming winter to see if there are any repeat customers returning to spend their increasingly scarce $$$$$!

Anonymous said...

if forest hills real estate is such a great investment she should beg borrow and steal to buy it all for herself

what a crock of shit

realtors are the lowest form of life

Anonymous said...

Realtors fall somewhere between child molesters and politicians!

Anonymous said...

Crappy, no morning is complete without a cup of coffee and a scan at your listings.

You are the most brilliant community blog in the city!

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

crapper.. get a clue and stop censuring thoughts you dont like.. not everyone is a socialist like you..

Queens Crapper said...

"Censure is a procedure for publicly reprimanding a public official for inappropriate behavior."

Since those in power won't, I will continue to do so. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

crapper.. get a clue and stop censuring thoughts you dont like.

Yes Yes Yes, we know. Public debate and public disagreement is the bane of politicans.

You don't like it, go run for office in a third world country.

Anonymous said...

I was amazed at the number of exclamation points in that article. Very similar to some of the comment posters here.

Anonymous said...

I actually received the e-mail you posted as a friend of Gigi's (our children go to school together and I'm on her mailing list).

The e-mail is classic Gigi-- positive and upbeat. You can't blame her for encouraging people to go to Atlas-- having a nice shopping center is a bonus for all of the surrounding neighborhoods, not just Forest Hills. She's also right about the prices in Forest Hills--especially the Gardens, where, among other things, there are a limited number of houses available.

The reason Gigi is one of the most successful agents at Terrace is that she does have a great outgoing personality, AND she is also honest and straightforward with her clients-- which is why so many people like and recommend her.

Anonymous said...

Just don't expect punctuation, spelling, grammar or any kind of substance in your correspondence with her and you'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom says....

I like Atlas Mall. I think its a good thing for the neighborhood -
But recently I noticed young adults in gang colors. If it continues I wont go there anymore, just as I avoid Queens Center Mall for the same reason.

They should implement the no children rule after 8 unless you are with an adult.

Anonymous said...

Gigi Malek, aka Jihane Malek
STOLE 93 Puritan Ave from the Sheridans.

The house is worth at least $1.5million - $2million. She and Terrace Realty trapped and tricked Michael Sheridan , after his mother , Elizabeth Sheridan died.
They tricked him (Michael is ill), into selling her the house for $500,000.

She gave the impression to Michael Sheridan that she was going to live there herself. However, she immediately, along with Terrace Realty, put the house on sale in the market for $2million.

Gigi , Jihane Malek, alone with Robert Hof, Susanna Hof , are low lives thieves who actively stole a house from the owner.

There is a special place in hell for people like Gigi Jihane Malek , Robert Hof and Susanna Hof. They have stolen millions from homeowners throughout the years. I hope they find their place in hell comfortable.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous who says Queens Crapper is trying to censor. What crapper did is opposite of censor. Crapper actually posted openly here for everyone to see.

Terrace Realty, Gigi, and the Hofs are thieves and liars. They will do anything to steal your house as they have done with 93 Puritan. They are horrible horrible low live thieves.

Anonymous said...

and to Gigi, stop pretending to be someone else giving yourself compliments. You are a thief, a liar, a cheat. There is a special place in hell reserved for you. What goes around comes around. You cheated on your husband. You lie, steal and cheat people. Good luck in hell.

I hate Terrace Realty said...

Here, have a fun read:

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